"I'm a Mouse! Duh?!"

Drew and I always find ourselves lolling over that scene in Mean Girls. Anyway, because of my obsession with this trend, and the fact that I have not seen mouse / bunny ears sold here, I was inspired by one of my favorite people in LookBook who drew mouse ears on her photo to improvise this trend, so I made use of the free time I had in the office to doodle them on my head. Hope you like it too. I used my most recent cammyho photos. I want to try doing them with stockings.

Also, I want to own a Batman mask (the half version) and like, lots and lots of headdresses. Fudge darn it.


  1. You are one gorgeous mouse :)

  2. this is so cute! how did you "draw" the ears?

    holler at me @ deathbyplatforms.blogspot.com

  3. Anj, why thank you!!! Heehee! /eats cheese

    Irvs, thankj00!!! Haha! :)

    Kookie! Hi :) I just used PS. Haha! Hey I'll follow you! :)