Peace, Bro

Wild, Frizzy Hair. Bathroom Tiles. Crew Tee. One bored girl... VOILA. One way to kill depression (or at least fight insanity), is vanity.

I love my Tee. I got it from Topman while I was getting Andrew some stuff. Haha. When he got home, I showed it to him but convinced him he wouldn't like it since he's not a fan of the great John Lennon (more like what he believes in... or, err doesn't). I love him for his music though, and his passion to fight for what he believes is right, hoping for unity and peace.

I love the photo (on the tee), too. I printed it last year and stuck it on my wall.

I have so many ideas in my head, I wish I have more time (and options on places) to shoot in. I've been making much use of the self-timer mode through the years. I just wish Drew and I could bond over shooting again! Its just so much fun when its done with the Fiancé.


  1. love your hair here 'te're so uber awesome and pretty!

  2. Tey! Why j00 such a sweeteartzzz? Heehee! Thank you so much <3