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Formspring Kwezchunz # 8

Haynako! Anong bongga diyan! May nagtatanong sa akin tungkol sa mga.. Bagay na di na nila dapat itanong. Nagugulat ako paano nila alam na kilala ko si ganto at si ganyan! =)) I MISS YOU MORE. Nako daming kwento!

Haha! Ganun talaga, mga curious george! LOL! Hey pag may bagong chi-chi, inbox me ah! I miss you!!! :)

Hello :D I love your head shot!!!
Ohaiiii!!! Thank you Pam!!! :)

WOW! Thank you. *blush* So... When are you coming back to the PH?
Surebeans!!! Heehee! And ooooh, on December! Woohoo!!! :)

im following yah! =)
Following you back, Philip! :)

Abbie, abbie. How's your mom?
Hi Ishielove, she's okay sweetheart. There are just a lot of post-chemo effects, that's all. I know you're praying for her and I really appreciate all the help you're giving, and for asking about her, it means so much to me. I love you Ish.

How are you pretty Abbie?! :*
Hello pretty girl Stef! :) Haha! I'm doing good, getting by. Trying to focus on the good things, currently eating Baskin Robbins, sitting in my office chair... Life is good. Hahaha! and you?

hey abs! idk if u answered my question already but im a size 6 US and im gonna buy flat shoes at topshop and they only have 5.5 or 6.5. where am i gonna be?
JANNY! Gah, I don't know either - I've always followed the UK size/metric system. Hahaha! Sorrrryyyy :(

hi po :) I'm Dallen, I'm new here..I like your entries in your blogs and I just can't stop loving your looks esp. those pics with doodles, and big (geek) glasses (i super love it!)
Hi Dallen!!! WOW!!! Thank you so much!!! You really have no idea how much I appreciate people who like my blog entries. I hope hope hope you don't stop visiting! And next time, if you have a blog, leave your link/name too so I can visit! :)

"heyya, abbie! saw you in 17 way back. :) This is not a quessie, just want you to know that your blog shows that you're real--far, far from a ditz.:)" -this was me. sorry. it's so sad that 17 Phil had to stop coming out. Hope you post more blogs. *fan*
Oh hey!! :) I'm following you now! Hehe. Good thing you left a name na. And IKR? I miss Seventeen so much. The team, everyone. It really is sad they had to stop publishing along with Marie Claire, T3... I'm trying to get my blogging mojo back. You should've seen my blog entries in 2003. Haha!

hi abbie! hope you can make a "what's in your bag" post! thanks! :)
Aww, thanks! I made one before but it was rubbish. I posted it in YouTube though. But, ick. Terrible editing. Hahaha! I'll do one soon! :)

Abs! Does your eyebrows look thicker or is it just me?
It used to be quite thick, I was growing it, but I'm plucking excess hair now. That one photo I posted however, that was make-up. Haha! I don't like thin brows! :(

Ooooh. Puahaha. Done reading the rest of the entries and I got the answer for my previous question. lolol
Oh, haha!!! :) But I'll answer it anyway! Heehee!

naabutan mo ba si marian rivera sa dasma? how was she like?
Yeah! She was actually introduced to me once by a common friend, she wasn't in Showbiz yet but she appeared in several publications already at the time. She was really nice, and real :)

Hi! Just have to say... I miss you and your posts!! Whether they're reblogs or your actual personal tumble posts... Shall go to your blogspot now.. Hope you're doing fine! xxx
Wow, thank you so much!! I miss Tumblr too! I'm flattered that you're visiting my Blogspot now. I try to post in Tumblr as much as I can, but I can't help but feel like there's a certain trend in blogging there and I don't really like it anymore, I can't express myself the way I want to because I get dragged to going along with the topics and stuff (but trust me, I'm still addicted to reblogging. Haha!) Hope you're doing great, too! :)

Yeah, you know how it goes. Will be waiting for your questions!


How can you not know


...and his Fall 2010 RTW line

I've been hearing a lot about him, and I've been to his webspace last year, loved the artwork. He's genius. *Nipped the last 2 photos from H.Scanlan's blog. I love her. I'll write about her soon.

You may recognize this dress The Godga wore at the end of her Paparazzi video, in all its yellow epicness.

Jeremy Scott, ladies and gents.

Now tell me this : Avant-Garde, what's not to love? I wonder when dressing up like this will ever be acceptable in the Philippines. It would be nice to see more brave people like Tessa Prieto-Valdes on the streets of Makati and people won't laugh at them.

For now though, I know not everyone can pull it off. It takes a certain amount of confidence and an effortless vibe to be able to get through the day without wishing you were out naked instead. Wishing you made better choices, stuck with the basics, you know what I mean?

Its like Kate Moss. You don't have to try too hard. You don't have to try at all. If its in you, people will see it. If you believe it, people will see it.

And this is why I love Lady Gaga.

Now how did I wind up saying all this. Stick to the subject, Abbie. Dangnabbit.


Titans, To 2001 and Back


Met up with awesome high school friends last week. Literally walked down memory lane, visiting our school - and Saudia City!

Photos are by Jayson So

Teza, Me, Jayson, Taten and Dee!

Funny story : Jayson and the rest of my classmates used to bully me in 6th grade.
Sophomore year came and we suddenly became best of friends.
He's one of my best guyfriends now.

Loving this shot Aevan took of us!

these are taken by Aevan Caro :

Two days after that, they came over my house (exactly just like old times, I had to ask myself if we were really done with high school and if 2002 was over, lol)

Mismatched sheets + 'curtain' = phail

Jayson's mirror shot

Explaining why I have to win. Don't ask.

The humongous mirror next to my bed filled with...these.

Thanks Dee for the Krispy Kreme!

Jayson took a shot of my nightstand

Showing them a few photos of my sister + high school

Logically speaking, we know what separates High School from College, its two parts of your life you just can't compare to each other. I tried millions of times before, but it just ain't possible, yo. You love High School for the same reasons as you love College but they're just totally different.

If you're in High School and you're reading this, I'll say something completely cliché - make the frakkin' most out of it. I seriously brought a camera and a video camera every single day in Senior Year to document the craziness. Most of my classmates were like "WTH, AGAIN?" Ha! But they thanked me for it. Nothing beats spontaneous reunions, popping out the VHS tape on your left hand, carrying a small VHS player on your right, saying "ITS TIME FOR NOSTALGIA!"

High School. Epic in so many levels.

But then again, college is another story.


Diesel does it again

I think its starting to become an advert trend, but do you think other labels will follow? I think Diesel and FCUK are doing an awesome job.

BTW, the girl in the last photo is hot hot hot hot hot.


I'm a Realist, I'm a Romantic

I miss listening to the Cribs. I was introduced to them in 2007 and loved them since. So today I went on Cribs earlootage mode.

They're awesome, innit?



So...boredom, eh? The bathroom is officially my camwhoring spot. My room is a massive mess, but I love it like that. Yeah, so hence...bathroom. Recent self-portraits.

Tried on full, thick eyebrows. I don't like thin brows! 
Sadly I wasn't blessed to have thick, full ones. 
(vintage black lace dress, river island scarf, topshop earrings)

In my favorite floral dress to date.
(topshop floral dress, forever 21 necklaces)

Trying the Cinemascope effect + French subtitles (lol)
(topshop romper)

Welcome to the Fifties!
(new look dress , h&m flower headband turned into scrunchie)

I, aye!
(zara bandstand/military jacket , hanes wifebeater)

Narcissistic much?
Oh, and that's my favorite house hat, btw. 
As soon as I get home I automatically put that on for some reason.
(forever 21 knitted hat)