3 Ways to Wear : Cropped Denim Jacket

Officially starting my 3 WAYS TO WEAR posts and I'm so excited! I'm doing 3 different looks you could go for paired with your favorite cropped denim jacket. Oh and, please excuse the fugly editing - I'll work on my photos when I find a decent space to take full photos. I shot these in my room and the original photos (with the background, etc.) could be very distracting.

Cropped denim jacket from Bershka

I just love the back and stud details!

Look # 1 :
Paired with a Sequined Evening Dress. Adding the denim jacket to this look makes it wearable during the daytime. Without it, the dress looks completely formal, and its not something you would wear when you're headed to the mall to chill with friends. My accessories are my favorite turquoise necklace and bracelet. I couldn't find the right shoes to go with this, since most of my footwear are in a box a 13-hour plane ride away. I'm not really feeling this, but I went with the closest choice anyway : Lace up Flats, with a golden chain detail.

Look # 2 :
Paired with a Deep V-Neck Basic Top and Hotpants. The denim brings out the pattern of the hotpants more than when it is worn without (it). The top could be worn tucked-out as well. My accessories are a beanie and my nerd glasses. I finished it off with black ankle boots. The look gives off a Native American vibe, with a twist! Oh and check out my band-aid. Had a bubu last week.

Look # 3 :
Paired with a Fringed, Deconstructed tee and Floral printed tights. The jacket adds more spunk to the monochromes. Accessories are a skull-printed bowler hat, and nerd glasses. Then I wore my favorite, most comfortable pair of black heels.

Any suggestions on my next 3 Ways To Wear post? Leave a comment here or in my Formspring.me account!

P.S. - I'll edit better photos for the upcoming posts. So sorry, these are really bad! Wah.


  1. wah! wah! wah! :p
    aylaveit! :D wahahaha, looking GORGEE!!

  2. WAAHHH! Thank you Sarahbaby! <3

  3. wow! nicey :) love the denim jacket :)



  4. Thanks, Grizelda!! :)

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