So...boredom, eh? The bathroom is officially my camwhoring spot. My room is a massive mess, but I love it like that. Yeah, so hence...bathroom. Recent self-portraits.

Tried on full, thick eyebrows. I don't like thin brows! 
Sadly I wasn't blessed to have thick, full ones. 
(vintage black lace dress, river island scarf, topshop earrings)

In my favorite floral dress to date.
(topshop floral dress, forever 21 necklaces)

Trying the Cinemascope effect + French subtitles (lol)
(topshop romper)

Welcome to the Fifties!
(new look dress , h&m flower headband turned into scrunchie)

I, aye!
(zara bandstand/military jacket , hanes wifebeater)

Narcissistic much?
Oh, and that's my favorite house hat, btw. 
As soon as I get home I automatically put that on for some reason.
(forever 21 knitted hat)


  1. Abbie, pa autograph. Stay pretty! I included you in my blog list. :)

  2. Your flowered dress, I like. :)

  3. Gorgeous you. Ma-try nga din ang bathroom as a background. I so love your dresses.

  4. Cute photos! :)

    And, I love your header! Where did you get your eyeglasses?

  5. Katerina, haha! OMG wow :) Thanks so much! Eeee.

    Anj, thank you sweetheart! Yeah, try mo rin, masaya! Hahaha!

    Stef, thank you! Narcisa!!! Haha!

    Jeje, thank you so much :) They're sunglasses that I turned into glasses :) Had the original lens taken out and had them replaced with clear ones :) Could you believe I got them on sale? Like PHP 170.00 - haha!