Canon EOS 450D

The Boss got back on a trip and handed me a DSLR first thing. He said, "this is your toy for today." I knew exactly what he meant. So I took random nonsense. I'm no pro, and these are test shots so "easy on the critiques", thankyou.

Check out the neon pink nails!

Oh. Check out the haggard face.


Still my heart belongs to the Nikon D90.


  1. hhahaa gnyan cam ko.. nikon pa din? naks..

  2. i have the same nail polish color :) hahah..

    wanna have a new cam :) hurhur..

  3. Karl, its an awesome cam! :) ... :( But we are a family of Nikon-users.. Boohoo. Boohoohoo. I super loved the quality, but this shallow part of me kept saying "but're betraying Mr. Nikons." Hahahaha! Weird.

    Grizelda, awesome!!! :) IKR? I want to have my own! I keep using my Fiancé's. Not good. Hahaha!