Formspring Kwezchunz # 7

noo, not the borders from blogspot. THESE borders like the shadow-y black thing :) i know it's called something but i forgot. thanks abbie! :)
Oh! Vignettes? I just did those via Picnik :)

Hey abbie! How are you na? I sent you an email a week a go I think did you get it? 
Mimilove! Yes I got it. GAAAAH (-_-) I hate myself.

Hi Abs! :-) How are you? :-) 
HAZIE!!!! I'm good! Following you nao! Heehee! :)

I hope you're doing well now, Abbie! Take care haa! Eat on time and take a lot f rest. *hugsss* 
Mimilove, I try! Boohoo. But thank God, I'm much better. Soon enough another much will be added in that sentence. /hugs

If you could switch places with ANYONE for a day, who would it be and why? 
Mar! Oooh I love fun questions like this! Hmm...I'm sure my answer would be different if you asked me tomorrow, but today I want to be...Georgina Wilson. Yesterday I was having this totally random moment (who am I kidding, I have them every single day) in the van on my way home from work and I thought, "Damn that Georgina Wilson and her goddessness." I'm totally girlcrushing on her again. I dunno, she's just awesome :) Hahaha!

Hi Ate Abbie! How are you feeling today? :) 
Hello, sweetie! Well, today I'm feeling quite...light. Hmm. I should eat something...And you? :)

Abbie! You look really pretty on your Peace Bro entry! Curly looks good on you too! ;) 
Mimilove!!! Thank you! I'm starting to appreciate the somewhat kinkyness of my hair. I just have to wait 'til it grows longer so I can sport that messy Kate Moss beach hair that I'm obsessed with so much. WAH!

Hello Ate Abs:D I'm getting back to the groove of things, how are you ? :) I lost a lot of weight. I'm stick thin already and then I find out I lost 10lbs, no wonder people are accusing me of being anorexic :( 
Grabe, Nininz, you have to eat right (nagsalita daw ang healthy kumain?) Well I can't blame you, if you're going through a lot of stress - some people deal with it by eating, some people go on hunger strikes, some people lose their appetites (wo I rhyme). I'm still trying to get Mr. Appetites back. He went on vacation, I think.

hi ms.abbie, im not a stalker or whatever, but just want you to know, i love your blog, multiply, tumblr, etc. :) i think you're a really nice person. im from dlsu-d too, you are so pretty! love your fashion style! where do you get your dogtag?
Wow! Hello, my fellow Lasallian! How is Dasma? I miss it so much! Airkiss it for me! Heehee! Thank you for the compliments, they are very much appreciated. It really means a lot to me that you like the stuff I post on the intarwebs. Oh and the dogtag was a gift from my bestfriend :)

Hi Ms. Abbie! I'm Lai, and I'm currently adding write-ups and features because I'm planning to apply in a magazine/newspaper. I was hoping if I could interview you via e-mail for a fashion piece I'm doing. Would that be possible? Thank you!
Hi Lai! OMG!!! YES :) I'd love to help you on that!! I'm really flattered you asked me, srsly. Thank you :) You can e-mail me at abbie_almascoATyahooDOTcom :) Looking forward to hear from you! :)

MEH, who am I kidding. You know the drill. But yeah okay, in case you don't. There's a widget right there ---> Or you could go here if you want!