How can you not know


...and his Fall 2010 RTW line

I've been hearing a lot about him, and I've been to his webspace last year, loved the artwork. He's genius. *Nipped the last 2 photos from H.Scanlan's blog. I love her. I'll write about her soon.

You may recognize this dress The Godga wore at the end of her Paparazzi video, in all its yellow epicness.

Jeremy Scott, ladies and gents.

Now tell me this : Avant-Garde, what's not to love? I wonder when dressing up like this will ever be acceptable in the Philippines. It would be nice to see more brave people like Tessa Prieto-Valdes on the streets of Makati and people won't laugh at them.

For now though, I know not everyone can pull it off. It takes a certain amount of confidence and an effortless vibe to be able to get through the day without wishing you were out naked instead. Wishing you made better choices, stuck with the basics, you know what I mean?

Its like Kate Moss. You don't have to try too hard. You don't have to try at all. If its in you, people will see it. If you believe it, people will see it.

And this is why I love Lady Gaga.

Now how did I wind up saying all this. Stick to the subject, Abbie. Dangnabbit.