A little help, please? :)

My friend Osan is doing a thesis on "The Involvement of Fashion Bloggers and Fashion Enthusiasts in Fashion Adoption, Innovation and Diffusion" Please click on the thumbnail - she needs your help, too! 

I'm quite shy to do this - its not that I know that there are people I influence in terms of fashion, but its worth a shot to help a friend out!

If you want to be one of her respondents (we need like 5 or 6), you can e-mail her at osanreodicaATyahooDOTcom, you can send it to me too at abbie_almascoATyahooDOTcom.

Thank you so much, guys! We srsly need your help. Oh, and respondents should have either LookBook, Chictopia or LookLet accounts. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 

(P.S. We have a deadline to catch! D: OHNOES)


  1. Hey, I was just browsing the Doppleganger thingoo on Facebook then I ended up here. Not that I'm a stalker or something. I have a LookBook and Chictopia account. I'm just bored (really). And I feel like helping too.

  2. OMG REALLY?!?! That would be awesome! :) You can send an e-mail to Osan if you want to participate. Her e-add's in the blog post :)