Titans, To 2001 and Back


Met up with awesome high school friends last week. Literally walked down memory lane, visiting our school - and Saudia City!

Photos are by Jayson So

Teza, Me, Jayson, Taten and Dee!

Funny story : Jayson and the rest of my classmates used to bully me in 6th grade.
Sophomore year came and we suddenly became best of friends.
He's one of my best guyfriends now.

Loving this shot Aevan took of us!

these are taken by Aevan Caro :

Two days after that, they came over my house (exactly just like old times, I had to ask myself if we were really done with high school and if 2002 was over, lol)

Mismatched sheets + 'curtain' = phail

Jayson's mirror shot

Explaining why I have to win. Don't ask.

The humongous mirror next to my bed filled with...these.

Thanks Dee for the Krispy Kreme!

Jayson took a shot of my nightstand

Showing them a few photos of my sister + high school

Logically speaking, we know what separates High School from College, its two parts of your life you just can't compare to each other. I tried millions of times before, but it just ain't possible, yo. You love High School for the same reasons as you love College but they're just totally different.

If you're in High School and you're reading this, I'll say something completely cliché - make the frakkin' most out of it. I seriously brought a camera and a video camera every single day in Senior Year to document the craziness. Most of my classmates were like "WTH, AGAIN?" Ha! But they thanked me for it. Nothing beats spontaneous reunions, popping out the VHS tape on your left hand, carrying a small VHS player on your right, saying "ITS TIME FOR NOSTALGIA!"

High School. Epic in so many levels.

But then again, college is another story.


  1. I suddenly miss my HS friends! Huhu!
    Abbie ang galing, buhok mo lang nagbabago! Haha! Saka... saka, I love your room talaga! Hihi :D

  2. HS was the best! I don't know about university, coz right now I don't see any fun about it, but what do I know I almost just started, and maybe it's due to the fact that my situation is different.
    Nothing can beat HS talaga, I miss every bit of it!
    My bestfriend took a camera with her too every single day in our senior year. And yes we all told her: not again.. But now we're all happy we got those memories on pictures :D


  3. I was like Grade 3, when your batch graduated ;)

  4. i miss high school :( hehe you guys look so happy :)

  5. Stef, iba talaga ang HS. Nothing compares. But I say the same thing about college too. Hahaha! Thanks Stef!! :)

    Jasmin, oh you'll see it soon! Its pretty tough at first, especially realizing the pressure that its not just new people and new surroundings that you have to adjust to, but that this is a whole new chapter in your life, and its not like high school, not like grade school, not like your first day in pre-school. Haha! I dunno if I made sense....

    Tey, OMG I feel so old. Haha!

    Ava, thanks! I know right, I miss it too!!! :)