Yeah, but then you have your cousins, then your first cousins...

"No, sweetie...No."
"Hey Seth!!!..."

I'm proud to belong to my families (both Ma and Pops' side) and have cousins so talented and gifted in their own ways. Its intimidating and inspiring, and it just makes me so proud whenever I think of the things my cousins have accomplished, and the many things they could do with what they have, may it be the simplest of things, or the grandest, may they be the cousins I practically grew up with, or the younger gen, I love them to itsy bitsy teeny pieces.

Sarah is my Cousin on Ma's side of the family. Her Mom, Aunt Vivi is my Mom's eldest sister. We didn't get to hang out until two years ago, when they went home the same month as we did, and it was awesome awesome awesome. I spent almost a week living with Sarah in Fraser Place when Ma flew back to the MidEast (I had another month to slack off back in the Philippines). It was epic because it was supposed to be an awkward stage for both of us, but considering the number of things we had in common, and all the inside jokes we've been making even before we met (we spend like 6 hours chatting and exchanging songs at Y!M lol) it wasn't hard to feel comfortable with each other, like we've spent childhood Christmases together, finding out Santa isn't real (wups...sorry, kids) - you know, stuff like that.

She was born and raised in Topshop Motherland - London. And currently taking up a fashion-related course in Kingston University. She's a designer (with that comes being a stylist), an artist, she's musically inclined...she's just brilliant.

Here, meet Sarah (a.k.a. Pinns, Pinnys, PinnyGee)

She's wearing a dress she made

Pinnys' artwork
She even designed a wedding gown for me
(which was 3 years ago)
Pinnys' Photos

She took this one of her Mum and Dad (unblurred subjects)
during her 20th birthday.

Videos she edited.
GAH, Awesome.

Dannah on the other hand, is my cousin from my Dad's side. Her Dad and mine are brothers, with hers being the youngest of 4 boys. When we were kids, Dannah and her Mom went on vacation back in Palawan (where I spent almost 6 years of my childhood, we moved there when I was 5), and she had this little bunny she refused to let go of - even in the shower. I remember us playing with the sand and enjoying the beach probably 10 minutes away from our house. We haven't seen each other yet since then.

She's currently taking up MechEng in Caltech (she was also born in raised in California), featured on several publications and local TV networks..Oh and btw, the last time we did some catching up, she said, "I'm working on this space rover that we're going to put on Venus...Working with NASA and JPL on it" Yeah. My cousin, the MechEng senior at Caltech. Working with NASA... Yeah.


She does other things too...
But srsly, the woman is hardcore.
Sheldon Cooper? Translate for me please?
Dannah and her bestfriend, Andrew

I'll blog about my siblings/cousins/other relatives as well in future entries. I'm just so proud of each and everyone of them. I love you guys.


  1. Runs in the blood! Hotness kayo! :D xx

  2. WAH! Thank you Tinkalove!!! <3

  3. Wow! Ang tatalented Abbie!
    Halos lahat pala kayo sa ibang bansa. Pero ang saya kasi closa ka pa rin sa kanila.

  4. WAH. Thanks Stef!! Oo nga eh, I'm thankful kase we still make it a point to keep in touch. When we talk naman, we don't feel like its been a long time since we last saw each other. Parang kahapon lang, but miss each other so much terribly. Yung ganun. Heehee! :)