Because once upon a time…

...a little girl dreamt of her wedding day. But unlike other little girls, she never really “felt right” envisioning what she thought her wedding should be like. In her teens, she thought she wanted a beach wedding, then one day she daydreamed about having it done in a Garden. Eventually, when her boyfriend of 6 years proposed to her, she envisioned it just the way weddings should be (in her opinion), traditionally – in a church.

Although her wedding didn’t take place in a church – yet, she is as happy as any bride could ever be. The little girl got married in a place where she never thought of – abroad, in the Philippine Embassy.

The girl’s first wedding (and trust me, on her second wedding she’d still be marrying the same man, or re-marrying for that matter) was a CIVIL wedding.

I couldn’t be any more thrilled to tell you that the little girl was me (uh duuuh).

It was something that we have been planning for months, but were never really sure of. Andrew thought the date 10-10-10 would rock and I totally agreed, but then God has His ways, and His ways meant us getting married 7 months earlier : the 13th of March.

I thought it was awesome that I was pulling off a Carrie Bradshaw unintentionally. Getting hitched in “City Hall”, in a “Dress by Nobody” (I got my wedding gown in a thrift store and it was brandless), which was perfect because it was very vintage. It was simple, and lacey, just the way I wanted it.

I didn’t even know how to do my make-up so I went with my ordinary college day look (pastels and turquoise on my eyes, please) and the trusty Pink Nouveau layered with nude lip gloss my Sister got me from Japan. I accessorized with Crystal Stud Earrings (which I only got for like PHP 400.00 from Forever21), and I wore a Feather headpiece with Pearl details (which was also from Forever21).

Seeing wedding scenes from a lot of movies, you would think that butterflies in your stomach was all that there really was to it during ceremonies, but actually I don’t think anyone could be prepared enough for whatever emotion would come rushing down on you as the judge/priest reads you the oath to marriage. No matter how sure you are about the choice you’ve made and are making, it’s still somewhat nerve-wracking. No matter how many times you’ve seen it in your head since you were 5, or from the moment your man got down on one knee, its still going to be as surreal as it gets. And the best part is, it’s not just butterflies, it’s the perfect mix of all these emotions, its almost like eating your favorite flavored froyo.

I was on a cab ride on my way home the other day when I daydreamed about the future I have with Drew, fulfilling our dream since college to travel the world together. I’ve seen it countless of times, in my head, in my dreams… laying on the white sands of Amanpulo/Maldives, walking the sodden streets of Paris, taking tons of photos, having the time of our lives, but its just so much different now that we’re married. Its so much better (understatement).

Wow. We’re married. We really are married.

As much as we want to have children now, we agreed to stick with just having each other for a few years until we’re financially, emotionally and mentally prepared for our awesome offspring (they will be awesome, I just know it. Lol)

Our wedding was on the same date of our flight back to the Philippines, but sadly Drew couldn’t come with because of work , so I just can’t wait to come home to him and wake up next to him again.

I’m thrilled for our forever, but at the same time I’m scared, wondering what more trials we’d have to face as husband and wife – but isn’t that just the beauty of marriage?

Wow, its been two weeks since the ceremony but I still couldn’t believe it. I’m a Missus! I’m Andrew’s missus.

With my Papa, Mama, and my Husband.

Photos by Aevan Caro. Captions to follow. View the album here!

P.S. And to clarify this, not that I'm defensive or anything, but I am not pregnant (because I'm assuming that you're assuming what I think you're assuming) - although some photos look like I've got the baby bump, I am not with-child (I just had too much breakfast). If I were, I wouldn't be keeping it a secret. Kthxbai.


Thursday, March 31, 2005

And so the cheese continues to spread on the intarwebs. Call me pathetic but today I am in the mood to dig up past blog entries. Hoo-ha.


When in a relationship, the words “I’m holding on to you forever” is turned into a cliché. 

When we found that one person we want to spend the rest of our lives with, we take all sorts of risks to keep them. And sometimes, even if you’re in the brink of letting go, you hear that little voice give you a little bit of encouragement and then you think : Okay, I’m holding on.

Because it’s worth holding on to.

And for people who eventually have been let go (I have once been that person), we say, “I still want to hold on”. Maybe because of the simple hope that one day, while we hold on to their shoes while we’re at the edge of the cliff, they would see us – and decide to take us back. 

Or, they can make us see the cold reality. They let us slip from holding on to their shoes, and let us die. They let us fall off from the cliff. Not knowing, that it would not just kill us emotionally, but that we may never be able to get up again. 

And worse, Love again.

Some of us are just lucky to be able to get up. Lucky to make it up again. Lucky to find someone again. Lucky to love again. And maybe, find us the right ones.

But for some, why are the right ones, the ones who turn out to break their hearts?

...I couldn’t help but wonder…When did finding the right one become wrong?

You’ll just never know. Unless you end up in church, would you?

But then are we willing to risk that much, to put all our emotions at stake when we know that one day this might not just work? That one day we might just end up alone, and one day we’d be back in the market, looking for another buyer? And that the process just might never end?

Until the right one comes?

When is that gonna happen? Aren’t we all afraid to end up alone, but at the same time, aren’t we all so afraid of getting hurt over and over and over?

Love. Jeez.

I'm posting this for my friend, you know who you are. I love you! 


Friday, April 15, 2005

Here's something I wrote on the 15th of April, nearly 5 years ago. Check out the cheese, lololol!

"...Girls who have such high standards for boys. Like, she wouldn’t date a guy unless he has a car, unless he’s hot, unless he has a pocket-full of money, unless he’s conyo, unless he hangs out with uber rich people, unless he lives in Rockwell, or owns a condo unit at the Fort, unless ten thousand girls drool over him.

So, what if you’re lucky enough to have a guy with some, or even all of these, you think : Damn, I must have it ALL. 

You’re lucky if you find a guy who might seem like he has the whole world to offer to you and treat you just the way you deserve to be treated. 
You’re lucky if you find a guy, regardless of his status, just never lets it get to his head and still manages to act like a complete goofball.
You’re lucky if you find a guy with all the money in the world – and not use it on three, five, seven, or who knows even ten women all at the same time. Buying them like they’re his property.
You’re lucky if you find a guy who owns a Ferrari but still manages to ride a jeepney (just in case he really needs to).
You’re lucky if you find a guy who for you, is THE definition of fine, but still knows how to get a littttle out of hand sometimes, just to prove that not all things have to be uber formal or proper.

The list goes on.

...But sometimes, the only thing that makes you feel like having it all is having a rich boyfriend. A boyfriend rich in spirit.

A boyfriend who isn’t as rich as Juan Elizalde, but tries so hard to give you the things that you ask for.
A boyfriend who always acts like a goofball but knows how to play it fine when he needs to.
A boyfriend who almost every other girl drools over but never lets it get to his head, plus the never ending assurance that you’re the only one he sees ( as cheesy as it sounds ).

Can you actually understand what I’m trying to point out here? 

But then again, you can’t just really have it all … at the same time. The key to having it all is to simply learn how to be happy with what we have at the moment. And then, we can all just work our way to the top.

That goes for our careers, our relationships, and our lives.
Think about it. It’s how things go, right?"

I know I sounded mushy, but man do I want to blog like this again.
Check out my first blog. I had to change some of my words in the post I copied cos I get goosebumps with the words I've been using. Goodness.



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P.P.S. Even prayers are more than enough.

Bless your sweet heart!



I wasn't sure how I felt about this, and I don't care what you think of Vanilla Ice. This song is pure win. I was dancing at home last night in my underpants. Lol. 

Dayum, I had the biggest crush on Vanilla Ice as a child. But of course that was post Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser M.D.) and Fred Savage (The Wonder Years).

After downloading Brand New Eyes last year, I was all "All I Wanted", but then my friend Gab told me I should listen to "The Only Exception", and I loved it.

The video is heartwarming. Gives you hope eh?


D00D, that's so random (PT 1)

Before my friend Dustin tagged me in Facebook (to state 25 random facts and whatnot about yourself), I already started out typing a random blog entry a week ago.

1.) I srsly want a Moleskine notebook. I've been writing on a journal since I was 9. AND I WANT ONE SO BAD. Totally in my list of things to buy by December.

2.) I'm starting to fall in love with romantic-feel photos, like these! I've been thinking about making our room back in Makati with this theme. Sometimes, less is totally more. Mint green walls, vintage bed, white sheets. Hannabeth, anyone? And now I can't stop dreaming about a walk-in closet. Fudge darn it.

I probably like them because of the flowers/ floral prints. Lol.

3.) I have this addiction to headpieces / hats that I can't really acknowledge yet, other than the few knitted berets / beanies that I got from H&M and F21. I want wild headdresses like these!

Massive crush is massive, on Georgina Wilson.

And Olivia Lopez, too!

And masks!

I'm beginning to love Abbey Lee Kershaw a whole lot.

4.) Who are you rooting for in American Idol? Okay, I love Casey James and Didi Benami, but I'm all out for Andrew Garcia. I am in love with the dude. Plus plus plus plus points for being a family man. Whenever he cries and says, "this is for my son", I can't help but shed a tear with him too. Bless his sweet heart (and his hot wife - who happens to be Pinay, btw). I'm beginning to love Siobhan Magnus and Katelyn Epperly, too!

My friend Dindy uploaded this on Facebook and tagged me
- we're both hardcore Andrew Garcia fans.

5.) If I loved lace before, well I love it even more now. About 3 years ago, I saw a lace dress by Roberto Cavalli that I absolutely LOVED - can't believe Topshop has a few this season. I even sketched a similar dress that I had planned on having custom-made. I wanted to hang myself for visiting the website. I'll never learn my lesson when it involves Topshop. Its sad, but its like this addiction I can NOT cure. NOT EVER. NO.

Roberto Cavalli
(gotta love Google for being able to pull this photo off the intarwebs!)


Also, I'm loving Richard Nicholl's and Unique's lines this season. Too gorge for words.

Love that you can detach the dress and use it as a top / skirt if you want to!

6.) Which makes me realize how I've been saying I've had an affair with Topshop since 2004, when its actually been since 2003!!! This photo was taken in 2003. I know this because at the time, Andrew and I weren't together yet! GAH. My love affair with Toppys. Oh yes. Nothing compares.

My friend George took this photos.
I remember skipping classes that day to head to Makati.

7.) I recently confirmed that I am Aichmophobic. For some reason, I hate hate hate ice skating shoes. I always imagine someone's head / hand getting cut off by accident on ice. Morbid, but its true. I like ice skating, don't get me wrong (I'm no pro but shyeah...) But...watching people skate makes me nervous, like I'm expecting someone to get seriously hurt or something.

I think I can blame that on Blades of Glory's "IRON LOTUS". Meh.

8.) Last week, I regret doing a movie marathon (The Ugly Truth/The Time Traveler's Wife/And half of Julie&Julia), because I wasn't able to take a power nap before Andrew arrived from work! Hence the grumpyness I threw at him after 15 minutes of no kisses or hugs. I was sort of waiting for those. He did baby me though as soon as he noticed I wasn't in a very good mood.

The Time Traveler's Wife was steaksauce. Most of my friends tell me the book is much better (srsly, when did movie adaptations ever beat the books it were based on). My Dad was in my room when I was watching though, so I didn't get the chance to cry the same way I did when I was watching P.S. I love You. I think Eric and Rachel did an awesome, awesome job.

9.) Aevan and I were talking about Ryan Agoncillo recently and he mentioned that they were FB friends. So he said I should try my luck adding him up. And I did, I sent him a message as well, saying that I was one of their guest speakers in Y!Speak before, trying to freshen his memory (cos it was such a long time!)

And by golly, look what happened about 2 days later:

WAAAH! I know you don't know this, but even back in High School, I had the BIGGEST crush on Ryan. One of my best guyfriends, John (who is Aevan's older brother) actually edited our prom photo together back in 2000 and placed Ryan's head on his body. Imagine how much I LOVED that photo.

10.) I miss listening to Twilight Saga audiobooks. Lol. I was cleaning the house last week (nothing like spending ME time alone at home, cleaning, lol. No srsly), and for some reason I missed listening to it! I guess it was cos when I was jobless for 3 weeks back in 2008, I would spend like 36 hours decorating my room, listening to the audiobooks, falling asleep to Yiruma's "The River Flows in You", lol. I'm a certified TwiAddict until this very day. I will not be judged.

11.) A girl named Catherine Mirondo has been making my heart explode into tiny little pieces recently. She's been helping me campaign for the Benetton Casting Competition, she also wrote this in her blog :

"..I’ve been ignoring blogsites not until I was inspired by Abbie Alodia Almasco…She ain’t no Celebrity but she’s a STAR for me… I first saw Abbie way back in my college days when I used to hang around with my “hut buddies”… She turned out to be the “GIRLFRIEND” of our ultimate crush, Andrew!!! Yeah, Andrew, Abbie’s boyfriend once had our eyes nailed on him. We had a chance to meet Andrew, through the initiative of our most kikay friend. We all hoped that he would fall for us, but ofcourse, those bets and were all just for fun. Then, he disappeared. We were no longer spotting him during our breaks. So, we hunted for new prospects… Few months later, here came the magazine of CLA. It was named FACES. I browsed it til I found Andrew and Abbie. They were both featured in the magazine. It was cute. Abbie was loved by the camera. All shots were perfect. This couple is nearly perfect. Then years have past and I got hooked on Facebook. There, I found Abbie again through our common friend,Aiza. She may not knew me at all but it didn’t matter. It was surreal but seeing her pictures made me developed a huge girlcrush on her. (Abbie, I hope u don’t mind me having copies of your pictures) I kept track on her FB page from then on. I check if there’s new uploaded photos any chance I get. Then I finally clicked the URL links she has on her page. Reading her blogs has become my therapy. I even downloaded some of her videos from Youtube upon discovering ‘em. (Oh noh!!! Just now I realized how hooked I am to Abbie) I always tell my housemates about her. That Abbie’s gotten cool stuff from Topshop… and she has started taking photos of herself in the tub… and she’s already engaged with Andrew… and how close she resembles to Heart Evangelista and so on….. You guys might think that evrything is so bizaare coz I seem to be incarcerated by her charm. Well, there’re few reasons why I like Abbie and one of those is that, HER, being so true to herself. RANTING isn’t a crime. It’s her way of telling the world how she feels… and that GOOD VIBE she always shares somehow affects me. I signed up for tumblr because I was inspired by her. ( I dunno if u can call me a copycat but I can never ever be like Abbie. She’s genuine.Authentic.) She influences me in such ways I do love. All my frustrations are starting to re-construct because Im no longer a loser… Not so Inferior like I used to be. This is the new ME. Abbie made a TOUGH GIRL in me. I loveyou, Abbie…"

Pretty girl Cath Mirondo.
One of the nicest people I have ever met in the intarwebs.

Too bad I didn't get to meet her when we were schoolmates!

Its girls like her who inspire me, really. To stick to my true, jologs self. I'm no celebrity, I know. But whenever a nice girl comes up to me in cyberspace and tells me that I'm an inspiration, it still makes my heart skip a beat, and my jaws drop to the floor every single time. I won't be a hypocrite as well, it feels good whenever someone says they're a 'fan', but I prefer to call them 'cyber friends', cos that's what they are, anyway : genuine people you meet online, who'd touch your life, leave a mark, appreciate you and they take their time to read your stuff. God knows how much I appreciate it, every single thing you guys give me.

I love you too, Cath. Bless your sweet heart.

12.) Up to this day, I'm still aching for a pair of DM's. In White, Black and Hot Pink!

Don't hold your breath for part II!


Formspring Kwezchunz # 9

ate abbie, i really love your photos:) i can't wait to see your what's in your bag post!
IKR? Me too! I'll have to fix my bag first because my bag's far from organized right now. Haha! :) Hi, Aves! :)

Hi ate Abs! How are you? I might leave tumblr :| like you said, there's a certain trend there. I can't help but feel like its a popularity contest. :| I find it hard to say what I want to say there. Like you, I might move back to blogspot. :)
Nininz, I was supposed to reply to your PM - but I'm just dealing with so much. I do pray you're doing fine though, sweets. Give me your link when you have the new one. Love you, Ninz.

wow, follower?haha *fan girl drools* IDK, you just seem so real! Parang abot kamay ka though you seem so accomplished. Hope I have your drive in life, though.haha Best wishes to you!! XD
WAAAAH! Haha! Of course I am abot-kamay! I'm no superstar, but I think that's really sweet of you to say, to describe me with the word "accomplished". Oh wow. I'm sure you have it in you! We all do! We just have to find ways to get it out there. God bless your pure heart :) Thank you for being so nice to me.

I really idolize you. You're so pretty and gorgeous. Hehe.
Wooooow :) Thank you so much!!! I'm really flattered that you think so! :)

I envy your long lean legs ^_^
OMG wow, haha! I don't have long legs though, maybe they just look long cos I'm slender (I hate being slender. MUST GAIN WEIGHT!) I'm flattered that yo you think I possess those, though. Because IRL I'm only 5'3" eh. Haha!

Hi Miss A!:) Can I ask permission to save 2 photos of you? and I just want to show it to my aunt to make the same outfit. Thank you:)
Sure, sweetie!!! Thanks for asking me, I really appreciate that you did :)

Ate Abbie! How do you deal with haters?
Ohai Jen! :) It depends. Kung harap-harapang bastusan na, you have all the right to fight for yourself. But once you've made your point, enough na. Kung tira parin sila ng tira, let them. You're not pathetic for ignoring them, sila 'tong pathetic kase hindi sila maka-get over sa awesomeness mo. Haha! Srsly, stand up and make that point. Then ignore. Ignore. Ignore. Next time they leave a hate comment, say something sarcastic and don't show them you're affected! Super maiirita yung mga 'yun, promise! :)

hi miss abbie... what kind of music do u listen to? coz i found in one of your entries that you have the ipod classic, so for sure u have lots of songs :) how can i vote for u for benetton? i looove ur style!!!!!! natry mo ba mag ukay-ukay?
I think this is one of the hardest questions to answer. I'm just so versatile with music. I can listen to Enya in one minute, then P.O.D. the next. I'm like Peyton Sawyer. I have a lot of moods! Haha :) Lately though I've been listening to a lot of Marina and the Diamonds, Ladytron, Vampire Weekend...and I rediscovered my love for The Cribs. Oh and for the Benetton competition, you can sign up as a voter/competitor :) And yes I have tried Ukay, tons of times. Laking Ukay ako eh, my Mom would alternately take me to Rustan's then to Thrift stores as a kid. Sarap mag-Ukay 'no? Ibang experience! Sarap! Haha!

Yeah, you know the drill. See you there?



I'm not sure I'm supposed to say this. I'm not even sure how I'm supposed to say it without sounding like I'm bragging or something. I don't want God to punish me for saying so much, knowing most people might misunderstand.

I'm dysfunctional but I feel like I'm supposed to say it. If I get up eight hours later and I feel that this is wrong, I'll probably delete this. Ha.

See, I haven't been saying much...about the things I'm currently facing now, been ranting to close friends, and my family of course. This is by far the biggest mountain I have to climb. I wish it were just my journey to take, but it's not.

They say people closest to God face such trials. There are those cliche times when I ask Him why'd it have to happen to us, when we barely did anybody any wrong. I felt like we've gone through enough to face another problem THIS big. "Why not this person? She's the one who should suffer, she deserves it more than I do..."

See, I know there is a bigger world outside. With people facing much bigger problems than I am. Lately, I thought about the people in Haiti, and Chile - and I would sympathize with their ordeals. When I think about my situation, and how much God is helping us, and showing us His presence in our lives, I feel so blessed.

I'm on Facebook a lot and I would see my contacts' status messages. And although I understand that it is their lives, and their pages, their businesses, I couldn't help but feel proud of myself.

Yes, PROUD. I am proud because my family and I are growing in Christ, that He is showing us His love, and that He is teaching us things, a lot of things through these experiences. While I am happy for my friends who live their lives partying around the metro, whose biggest problem is what they're going to wear to the event tonight, figuring out what to do to get the attention of the hottie they've been eyeing all night, boys, boys, boys, fame, getting attention from people... I have to say that I am proud that THIS is what I have to face. That I may not be successful yet, yada-yada-yada, but I am thankful that God is showing me so much, and blessing us with so much.

I may not have what most people have, or aspire to have. But what I have is God. I have my family. I have my friends. I have Andrew. I am not blessed with money, or fame. I do want these things, these earthly things, maybe God will bless me with that, and success, and so many others in the future. But for now, I have joy in my heart just seeing God work in my life. I just have to keep working to strengthen my faith.

In the end, whatever we have on earth won't matter. Yes, you might leave a mark with people with your awesomeness.

But what has it done for God?

Lord, this is one hard trial to face. But I claim victory. And though I am not perfect, though I tend to forget, though I still sin, though I end up gnawing my own words, only YOU know how thankful I am that in spite all this, YOU have kept me and my family strong. I want to learn how to lift it all up to YOU, and to trust YOU with everything that YOU have given me.

I know we will win. And we will win because of you.

I love you, Jesus.
Thank you.