Because once upon a time…

...a little girl dreamt of her wedding day. But unlike other little girls, she never really “felt right” envisioning what she thought her wedding should be like. In her teens, she thought she wanted a beach wedding, then one day she daydreamed about having it done in a Garden. Eventually, when her boyfriend of 6 years proposed to her, she envisioned it just the way weddings should be (in her opinion), traditionally – in a church.

Although her wedding didn’t take place in a church – yet, she is as happy as any bride could ever be. The little girl got married in a place where she never thought of – abroad, in the Philippine Embassy.

The girl’s first wedding (and trust me, on her second wedding she’d still be marrying the same man, or re-marrying for that matter) was a CIVIL wedding.

I couldn’t be any more thrilled to tell you that the little girl was me (uh duuuh).

It was something that we have been planning for months, but were never really sure of. Andrew thought the date 10-10-10 would rock and I totally agreed, but then God has His ways, and His ways meant us getting married 7 months earlier : the 13th of March.

I thought it was awesome that I was pulling off a Carrie Bradshaw unintentionally. Getting hitched in “City Hall”, in a “Dress by Nobody” (I got my wedding gown in a thrift store and it was brandless), which was perfect because it was very vintage. It was simple, and lacey, just the way I wanted it.

I didn’t even know how to do my make-up so I went with my ordinary college day look (pastels and turquoise on my eyes, please) and the trusty Pink Nouveau layered with nude lip gloss my Sister got me from Japan. I accessorized with Crystal Stud Earrings (which I only got for like PHP 400.00 from Forever21), and I wore a Feather headpiece with Pearl details (which was also from Forever21).

Seeing wedding scenes from a lot of movies, you would think that butterflies in your stomach was all that there really was to it during ceremonies, but actually I don’t think anyone could be prepared enough for whatever emotion would come rushing down on you as the judge/priest reads you the oath to marriage. No matter how sure you are about the choice you’ve made and are making, it’s still somewhat nerve-wracking. No matter how many times you’ve seen it in your head since you were 5, or from the moment your man got down on one knee, its still going to be as surreal as it gets. And the best part is, it’s not just butterflies, it’s the perfect mix of all these emotions, its almost like eating your favorite flavored froyo.

I was on a cab ride on my way home the other day when I daydreamed about the future I have with Drew, fulfilling our dream since college to travel the world together. I’ve seen it countless of times, in my head, in my dreams… laying on the white sands of Amanpulo/Maldives, walking the sodden streets of Paris, taking tons of photos, having the time of our lives, but its just so much different now that we’re married. Its so much better (understatement).

Wow. We’re married. We really are married.

As much as we want to have children now, we agreed to stick with just having each other for a few years until we’re financially, emotionally and mentally prepared for our awesome offspring (they will be awesome, I just know it. Lol)

Our wedding was on the same date of our flight back to the Philippines, but sadly Drew couldn’t come with because of work , so I just can’t wait to come home to him and wake up next to him again.

I’m thrilled for our forever, but at the same time I’m scared, wondering what more trials we’d have to face as husband and wife – but isn’t that just the beauty of marriage?

Wow, its been two weeks since the ceremony but I still couldn’t believe it. I’m a Missus! I’m Andrew’s missus.

With my Papa, Mama, and my Husband.

Photos by Aevan Caro. Captions to follow. View the album here!

P.S. And to clarify this, not that I'm defensive or anything, but I am not pregnant (because I'm assuming that you're assuming what I think you're assuming) - although some photos look like I've got the baby bump, I am not with-child (I just had too much breakfast). If I were, I wouldn't be keeping it a secret. Kthxbai.


  1. Wow. This is just beautiful, Abs. Very heartfelt. You've heard this a bajillion times, but I am genuinely happy for you. :)

  2. Ate Abbie, I am so HAPPY for you. You're finally married to the man the you've loved (and will always love) since forever. :)

  3. Awww. Wow! Congratulations, Ate Abbie! I'm happy for you :) Wishing a wonderful forever for you and the man you love :)

  4. From Daisy Jane --

    oh abbie! this is lovely.. i'm truly happy for you... please do remember me as a ninang when u finally have them awesome offsprings ha? ehehehe ;) much love! mwah!

  5. hi abbie..lam mo naiyak tlga ako..tama ung sinabi mo, cherish each other first..know your partner even more...learn to accept things kahit ung hindi kaaccept accept..maiintindihan mo ko sooner...hehehehe!!!im really really happy for u..stay strong sa lahat ng bagay..kng kelan mo ng friend dito lng ko...fb mo n lng ko..hehehehe!!!love u sis!!congrats!!

  6. Abbie! Carrie Bradshaw with Asian twist, anong shoes ginamit mo? :P

    I am happy for you and Andrew! God bless you more and more!

  7. Well this gave me goosebumps. I'm happy for you! :)

  8. Abbie I didn't even noticed the bump, wala naman eh! Sexy ka kaya! :P

    YIHEEEE! I'm proud of you! Grabe, nagulat talaga ko nung mabasa ko na magpapakasal ka na! Nakakatuwa kase meant to be talaga! I remembered reading your posts before when you said na you were like Bella pero you just know who your Edward is. I'm so happy for you! Sa mukha nyo pa lang ng husband mo kitang-kita na you are both so happy! You belong with each other. More love to the both of you (and beautiful/handsome offsprings in the future. Hehe!)! Love you! Mwah!

  9. Abbie! Congratulations!!

  10. Congratulations Abbie! If only my love story would have an ending just like yours. Heh. Anyway, enjoy married life! :))

  11. Beautiful. The way you wrote it. The way it happened. I'm looking forward to running into you two on the beach one day and chatting about the good life. :)

  12. Congratulations Abbie! I wish you all the best in life. :)

    (no clue if you remember me, but I was one of the loyal followers in your old blog ;) )

  13. heya abbie. wow. congratulations.. you're now married.

    i just love reading your blog..
    'cause i feel like i'm so smart reading every word you say..
    anyway.. may God be with you..
    just always pray and put Him at the center of your marriage. i know how perfect you are to be his wife.
    stay pretty!

  14. Hello. I really love your blog. Congratulations to your new life and be happy. more powers on your blog! :)

  15. Congratulations, Mrs. Andrew Bautista!

    And your dress is adorable beyond words.

  16. I wish that every time you're feeling down you would look at this post and remember....just remember what it's like to be happy and in-love even for a moment (and who knows - forever).

    As I type this, I'm offering a prayer for you and for your heart. *hug*

  17. Thanks, Danni :) It means a lot <3