Formspring Kwezchunz # 9

ate abbie, i really love your photos:) i can't wait to see your what's in your bag post!
IKR? Me too! I'll have to fix my bag first because my bag's far from organized right now. Haha! :) Hi, Aves! :)

Hi ate Abs! How are you? I might leave tumblr :| like you said, there's a certain trend there. I can't help but feel like its a popularity contest. :| I find it hard to say what I want to say there. Like you, I might move back to blogspot. :)
Nininz, I was supposed to reply to your PM - but I'm just dealing with so much. I do pray you're doing fine though, sweets. Give me your link when you have the new one. Love you, Ninz.

wow, follower?haha *fan girl drools* IDK, you just seem so real! Parang abot kamay ka though you seem so accomplished. Hope I have your drive in life, though.haha Best wishes to you!! XD
WAAAAH! Haha! Of course I am abot-kamay! I'm no superstar, but I think that's really sweet of you to say, to describe me with the word "accomplished". Oh wow. I'm sure you have it in you! We all do! We just have to find ways to get it out there. God bless your pure heart :) Thank you for being so nice to me.

I really idolize you. You're so pretty and gorgeous. Hehe.
Wooooow :) Thank you so much!!! I'm really flattered that you think so! :)

I envy your long lean legs ^_^
OMG wow, haha! I don't have long legs though, maybe they just look long cos I'm slender (I hate being slender. MUST GAIN WEIGHT!) I'm flattered that yo you think I possess those, though. Because IRL I'm only 5'3" eh. Haha!

Hi Miss A!:) Can I ask permission to save 2 photos of you? and I just want to show it to my aunt to make the same outfit. Thank you:)
Sure, sweetie!!! Thanks for asking me, I really appreciate that you did :)

Ate Abbie! How do you deal with haters?
Ohai Jen! :) It depends. Kung harap-harapang bastusan na, you have all the right to fight for yourself. But once you've made your point, enough na. Kung tira parin sila ng tira, let them. You're not pathetic for ignoring them, sila 'tong pathetic kase hindi sila maka-get over sa awesomeness mo. Haha! Srsly, stand up and make that point. Then ignore. Ignore. Ignore. Next time they leave a hate comment, say something sarcastic and don't show them you're affected! Super maiirita yung mga 'yun, promise! :)

hi miss abbie... what kind of music do u listen to? coz i found in one of your entries that you have the ipod classic, so for sure u have lots of songs :) how can i vote for u for benetton? i looove ur style!!!!!! natry mo ba mag ukay-ukay?
I think this is one of the hardest questions to answer. I'm just so versatile with music. I can listen to Enya in one minute, then P.O.D. the next. I'm like Peyton Sawyer. I have a lot of moods! Haha :) Lately though I've been listening to a lot of Marina and the Diamonds, Ladytron, Vampire Weekend...and I rediscovered my love for The Cribs. Oh and for the Benetton competition, you can sign up as a voter/competitor :) And yes I have tried Ukay, tons of times. Laking Ukay ako eh, my Mom would alternately take me to Rustan's then to Thrift stores as a kid. Sarap mag-Ukay 'no? Ibang experience! Sarap! Haha!

Yeah, you know the drill. See you there?