Friday, April 15, 2005

Here's something I wrote on the 15th of April, nearly 5 years ago. Check out the cheese, lololol!

"...Girls who have such high standards for boys. Like, she wouldn’t date a guy unless he has a car, unless he’s hot, unless he has a pocket-full of money, unless he’s conyo, unless he hangs out with uber rich people, unless he lives in Rockwell, or owns a condo unit at the Fort, unless ten thousand girls drool over him.

So, what if you’re lucky enough to have a guy with some, or even all of these, you think : Damn, I must have it ALL. 

You’re lucky if you find a guy who might seem like he has the whole world to offer to you and treat you just the way you deserve to be treated. 
You’re lucky if you find a guy, regardless of his status, just never lets it get to his head and still manages to act like a complete goofball.
You’re lucky if you find a guy with all the money in the world – and not use it on three, five, seven, or who knows even ten women all at the same time. Buying them like they’re his property.
You’re lucky if you find a guy who owns a Ferrari but still manages to ride a jeepney (just in case he really needs to).
You’re lucky if you find a guy who for you, is THE definition of fine, but still knows how to get a littttle out of hand sometimes, just to prove that not all things have to be uber formal or proper.

The list goes on.

...But sometimes, the only thing that makes you feel like having it all is having a rich boyfriend. A boyfriend rich in spirit.

A boyfriend who isn’t as rich as Juan Elizalde, but tries so hard to give you the things that you ask for.
A boyfriend who always acts like a goofball but knows how to play it fine when he needs to.
A boyfriend who almost every other girl drools over but never lets it get to his head, plus the never ending assurance that you’re the only one he sees ( as cheesy as it sounds ).

Can you actually understand what I’m trying to point out here? 

But then again, you can’t just really have it all … at the same time. The key to having it all is to simply learn how to be happy with what we have at the moment. And then, we can all just work our way to the top.

That goes for our careers, our relationships, and our lives.
Think about it. It’s how things go, right?"

I know I sounded mushy, but man do I want to blog like this again.
Check out my first blog. I had to change some of my words in the post I copied cos I get goosebumps with the words I've been using. Goodness.