Bang Bang / My Baby Shot Me Down

Drew set up an improvised studio and our plan to shoot together finally pushed through today. He was hella bored of my poses. I was shy to go all out camwhore on him with my feelingerang-fierce ones that I ended up being all smiley and pa-cute, but my Cat mask sort of helped me loosen up (at the end!) MEH.

Anyway, here are two photos he took that I ended up post-processing. I'm a sucker for post-processed photos, if you haven't noticed. He's uploading the rest of the set on his account.

Here are my Photobooth shots after. Ay ay ay, this woman can't help it, no she can't. Photobooth everyday 'no? Haha!

I wonder what our next concept is gonna be. Drew is totally into KPop and JPop artists. I only started liking SNSD after watching their Run Devil Run video (courtesy of Jaybs) and it was because they didn't conform to the standard pa-cutie aznz you'd usually see and stuff. I like me some fierce aznz, yesplease! Although sometimes I couldn't help but be pa-cute myself. But if that's what the husband wants, then that he shall get. Must I rehearse my azn poses starting today?


  1. ive been just singing that bang bang song and posting it on twitter coz was wotching kill bill vol 1 and 2 last week... lol... i loveet... i think andrew should be a photog, and u do the styling and all... can i be the model? hahaha im sure we'll fight over for that position hahahaxx loves

  2. Hay girl!
    How are you? It's my first time on your blog and I really love it! You have a great style!

    Please check my blog too and maybe we can follow eachother! Let me know.

    Love, Cindy

  3. loving the first pic ate abbie! soo magazine like!

  4. Kpop love, Abbie. Do it, do it! :))