"Surreal, But Nice"

That would be an understatement, really.

The house is quiet again. You know how you realize you'd rather live in a house filled with family rather than having it almost all to yourself? The silence is deafening.

I was about 30,000 feet above the ground when it dawned on me that it all felt surreal to me. There I was, a newlywed, who had to be away from her husband 2 hours after the ceremony. I did not regret this choice, I had to be there for my Mom. My siblings were flying home the next month, and we haven't seen each other in a decade.

You know how you expect things to happen, and so you absorb an equivalent emotion to that, so you know its what and how you're going to feel, but when you reach that point it still leaves you speechless, and because you have so much butterflies in your tummy, you feel like you're floating on air, like you're dreaming or probably in limbo?

That's how I've been feeling since I got here. Since we almost lived in a hospital room for a week. Since I gazed upon my siblings' faces for the first time in a decade.

It was during that Scorpion scene in Clash of the Titans last night that gave me that uneasy feeling of reality sinking in, that we were all going to be apart again soon and I hated it. My siblings and I had our own lives to live but after all that time apart, I suddenly felt like I was 11 again, just longing for their love and attention. I'm 23 years old but my heart flies when they call me "Baby" and hug me like a child. After all, I am Mom's youngest.

I'd shamelessly do victory dances in malls and hop and skip like an immature little girl. They bring out the trapped, happy girl in me. Just thinking about it makes me break down in tears.

My siblings and I may not have been blessed to have lived our childhood days together, but we were blessed enough to simply have each other in each others' lives. I think about them and I am proud that they are mine, and that I am theirs. That we were bound by love and by flesh.

I look at my Mom and I am just so thankful she brought all three of us to the world. Apart from God, I don't just owe her my life, I owe her all these blessings showered upon us, upon her family. I know it is because of her, that God is filling our cups with so much, in almost every aspect of our lives, in spite of the suffering we are currently experiencing.

Life is tough, its tough on us one way or another, but just like you, I would not trade my family for anything else.

I love you so much.