Formspring Kwezchunz # 10

Abs! You should really work for a mag. SRSLY. But that's not a question. :p

You know what, with someone like you telling me that, I'm just inspired to fulfill that dream of mine. I love you! :)

Abbie!!! :) Are you still here? I hope to see you before you fly back there ;)
NO! :( Boo! But its okay Mar, I mean there's always next year. If you're in Dasma by then I'll go visit! :)

can i add you in facebook? from dlsu-d din me.. -jiezel
Sorry it took time before I answered :/

hi abbie? do you have fb account? is it ok if i add you? im really fan of your blogs and fashion sense. by the way im jiezel and im from dlsu-d also.
Hi Jiezel! Sure! :)

ate abs.. when do you plan to have a baby.. :)) hehe! miss you tweet..
Not in a few years, we'd like to enjoy each other's company to the "fullest" at least, so we'd be stable in all aspects when we're adding a few more members to our family :) I miss tweeting too! Wish I had a Blackberry! LOL

Hello Ate Abbie. :) I just saw your wedding pictures on Facebook and, as always, you're as pretty as an angel. And your husband looked good too. :D CONGRATULATIONS, Ate. And Best Wishes. :* xx, Joy.
OMG Joy thank you so much! Thank you thank you thank you!!! :) Kinikilig ako, Haha! :)

ateh abbie.. ilan height mo? :D
I'm only 5'3" methinks! I remember Saaby and I were arguing about it cos I claimed I was 5'3" already a year after we met, when she was originally 5'3", and I, 5'2" haha! :)

You already know my new blog :)
Oooh ooooh! Okay! MISS YOU NINZ!

You know I'm happy for you, right? Mwahs!
Of course Ishielove :) xx

Hi Abbie! I was wondering where did you download your twilight audiobooks? (if it were dl-ed hehe) thank you! -rachelle
They were from one of the Torrent websites. OMG I forgot O_O

Abbbbiieee! Just now did I see your wedding photos! (sobs) I'm soooo happy for you.. I teared up a bit *silly me* seing the pics and reading the blog. sighs. I wish you all the best (oh well you are at your best anyway..)! XD
Thank you thank you so much! I'm really touched! Heehee! :) Thank you :) Bless your sweet heart! :)

congrats abbie! :) more outfit posts and a what's-in-your-bag post please! thanks and enjoy a blissful married life! :)
Hey sure!!! Thank you so much, hope you leave your name next time so I can thank you properly! Hee! :3

Hi Abbie! I really love your style! Btw, how do you organize your long necklaces and dangle earrings? Cos I have a lot of 'em and I'd like to organize them in a cute way! Thank you! :)
Thank you so much! :) Well I actually categorize them by kind. They hang on my cabinet door. Haha! :) I think I posted photos of them before somewhere. Might have to pull the link from one of my intarweb accounts! But don't hold your breath! Hee! :3

ate abbs. congrats, u had a small yet intimate and beautiful wedding. :) how was it? :) and y u didn't take fashion design? i super love how u dress up and how u carry it. :p
It was awesome, I'm still at loss for words when asked to describe it sometimes. Its funny cos its like, I never seem to get describing it right. Its way beyond words! Haha! :) Aww thanks a lot, that really flatters me :) I wanted to, but ended with Broadcast Journalism. Hee! :3 Maybe I should take classes in the future, never too late for anything, right? :)

Ate Abbie! Thank you for following back my new Tumblr. :)
Sure, sweetheart! :)

Thank you for giving me the permission to save the 2 photos:) I really find your clothes *cute*. Hehe.
Hey sure! :)

Thanks Ate! I learned from that. Now I'm waiting for him/her/it to come back. Pathetic beings :)) How have you been? :D
Wow this was posted four weeks ago :/ Sorry for that. But since your question is still applicable, well... I don't know, really. I'm happy about so many things but at the same time I'm still on the edge of losing myself. I feel like Linkin Park's ONE STEP CLOSER has been my theme song for quite some time now. Lol. it hurts. it still does at times.
I read it before the entry was taken down :( Wow. I like how you express your emotions - but that surely isn't what I should note about. I used to think the same way back then. I wish I knew you personally.

Hello, Ms. Abbie! :)I absolutely love the way you dress up. Where do you usually buy your clothes, esp floral dresses and beanies? Thankyouthankyou. :)
Thank you so much, I really appreciate that you do :) The beanies I get from H&M and Forever21. The floral dresses are usually from Topshop (actually, now that I thought about it - all my floral dresses and rompers are from Topshop. Haha!) I got a few nice floral prints from Zara and Mango too!

Abbie, how does it feel ti finally be married? Congrats, dear! :-)
Its awesome, but that's an understatement. No matter what word I use to describe the feeling, its still gonna be an understatement. So its actually, like an exaggeration of AWESOME. Hahahaha! Its nerve-wracking too cos its a new life, its something you'll have to continue working on to be able to keep it forever. Its funny, cos its like...effortless, but at the same time you have to put so much effort in it. It's like making an effort to effortlessly make it work and vice versa...Err, yeah. Haha!

ate abbie!! ., followed you. musta married life? ayiiii kilig ako. super!
Hahaha!!! :) Thank you thank you! Will follow you back!

can you list 3-5 weird things na pumapasok sa isip mo?
Wow, I think that's really tough because I can't say what's weird anymore, cos I'm actually a really weird-thinking person. I have one in mind, though (but I'm aware that I am not alone in this): When I was a child, I used to think that things come to life at night. Actually, I still do up to this day. Maybe I should write a full blog entry on that to showcase my weirdness. Nice. Haha!

Were you wearing your mom's dress when you got married? Best wishes, by the way! =)
No, my dress was actually thrifted! Hehe! It was very vintage. Thank you so much!

It took eons before I posted and answered some of them. Meh.