In Two Places at Once

Surrealism, slapping me in the face (or is it really? LOL), one after the other.

It didn't really dawn on me until I was brushing my teeth at around 3:oo A.M. that I was back in the Middle East. 10 hours before we touched down, I was doing the exact same thing at our condo in Global City. I was just amazed at how much reality you have to take in after a 10-hour flight. Routines change, time zones change, lives change.

The best part is Andrew not letting me go. I woke up next to him and my hand was still attached to his. He kept calling me "Wife", and I know I've been married for a month now, but because I had to fly back home hours after the ceremony, it really wasn't until yesterday that my wifely instincts started to kick in. It was awesome. I didn't get much sleep, I woke up the same time as he did and prepared him Pop Tarts and Junk Food and Chocolates to take to work - we didn't have bread so I wasn't able to make him a proper meal.

I had a smile on my face picking up after him. I've imagined it, this life, and have barfed out pretty little butterflies countless of times from the thought of it, but it was still so much to take in. Wow, our entire lives together like this. I think I'm about to faint.

I'm currently taking a break from drowning in the chaos that is my room. I've just finished unpacking. I changed the sheets (including my Dad's), sorted the laundry, changed the draperies - I still have to sweep the carpets.

Tomorrow I'm scheduled to do the laundry - if I can't clean the bathroom today, I'd probably do it tomorrow too. Hmm.

Here, some love from Proenza Schouler (I named my Pro, Proenza. LOL)

Me and Papa at the Boarding Gate. LOL at Hard Boiled Egg!

Me and Drew, reunited! After the Airport, we went straight to Al Tazaj!

Me, the next morning (like 8 hours ago)
I'm wearing my Mom's shirt from the 80's!

Anyways, better get back to the chaos before it swallows us all alive. Srsly, dude. Oh, and Kuya - if you're reading this, I brought the Glade Scented Candle you hesitated to get in the first place. Its definitely bittersweet, remembering all the awesome times we spent as Family :)

It's always the little things that count, right?

Okay, so can I just dive in bed now and pretend like I don't have a ton of chores to do? MEH. Sadly we don't have COBRA here LOLJK.