Kadash the Box Turtle

Its my first time to take care of a Box Turtle. The last one I owned was a Water Turtle and I was about 9.

Our Security Manager at the Village found it, and decided to give it to my boss' daughter - but since they own a cat that likes to, erm, hunt, they thought it was best not to keep it. And so I felt obliged to take it home because my conscience couldn't bear thinking it would be alone somewhere with no food to eat and no one to talk to. I don't speak turtle, but I'm sure when Kadash sees my face or hears my voice it would at least give him the comfort knowing he's not alone.

Although I know I'm a stranger to him, but hopefully not for long.

I named him Kadash, because obviously - its what was drawn on his back. Its previous owner painted on it (how mean), but I thought it was cute in a way (but please don't paint on your turtles). If this were an Indie Film, definitely plus points for weirdness. Oddity is always awesome.

I'm kind of terrified of leaving him at home tomorrow when I head to work. I'd probably have to stop by the pet store so I could get him a few stuff like soil or something.

I've been doing some research on proper caring for Box Turtles but I get all these answers on the intarwebs and I'm confused. I was supposed to be helping Drew in the Kitchen but I constantly stayed on Kadash's side to see if he was eating, or moving, or enjoying the small pond on one side of the box.

Poor little bugger. I hope I could give it a happy home. Drew says turtles are emo and I think I believe him (I wish I could speak Turtle and go all DOOD in Turtlespeak, like in Finding Nemo) but once I get this vibe from Kadash, that he's happy then I'm one happy Momma Turt. My cat Gringo always lets me know that he's happy. Speaking of which, Gringo - please be good.

Also, funny conversation with Drew earlier :

Drew : Nako, Gringo might eat him!
Me : No, Cats don't eat Turtles! ... Also, I looked it up online.
Drew : I don't think so! I mean look at Sylvester!


Anyways, if you could give me some tips on how to make Kadash happy, please let me know? I'd really like to do everything and anything I can to keep a baby Turt satisfied! Any form of help would be much appreciated. Hee!


  1. add a rock beside it?...hehe!...I know turtles love rocks to lean on...:)

  2. YESSS! I'm forcing myself to do that just now! Haha! Thanks Tey!!! :)

  3. i think turtles need sunlight ate, abbie..i think? cos before i had one too :) hehe that's what i do