Right here, Right now!
(I'm such a photobooth ho. Took this while finishing this entry.)

I'm not really fond of grapes, but I love grape-flavored gum and candy. I always knew this but I recently reconfirmed this fact when I chewed on Mentos' Grape Flavored Cube Gum.

We ran out of bandages (that actually sticks on your skin) at home and with the recent booboo I had while hanging the laundry, I ended up wrapping tissue around my wounded toe - and because of my mosquito infested legs, I use stockings everyday, which holds the tissue in place for 8 hours. Kinda gross? Yes. Thank you.

I've decided to try my best to post something on Blogspot EVERYDAY. Thanks to an online friend, Kristin - I found out about Dailybooth. If I don't post a full entry on something, I'd probably upload a photo, courtesy of Photobooth.

I REALLY HAVE NOT GOTTEN OVER BEING "MARRIED". I noticed, since Drew and I are blessed to be off from work at the same hour, I get really excited to be home.And if not, I'd say "MY HUSBAND WILL BE HOME SOON AND I HAVE TO BE THERE!!!". I get butterflies in my bellbelly whenever I say something like that. Something that involves the words MY + HUSBAND, lol. I'm enjoying it.

I'm finally making use of my Vimeo account! I might be vlogging there a lot - or maybe I just feel like vlogging today. Woot.

I was trying my skillz in Garage Band last week and I just lolled at doing the basic stuff, using the Mouse and Helium voice effects. I sang TOMORROW and PAPARAZZI. Ha! I srsly have to do something, err serious. I want to perfect my "cover" of Paramore's "Misguided Ghosts".

I know I've got a lot of girlcrushes, but srsly - Kate Moss and Vanessa Hudgens tie at # 1. She'll play as Mimi at the upcoming RENT (on stage) directed by Neil Patrick Harris!! How awesome is that? And I love Mimi! I'd like to think I can relate to her the most but when I took the character test on Facebook, turns out I'm Angel. I love Angel too anyway. Hee.

I want her Floppy Hat.
Oh Forever 21? Hee!

I was able to get me a Moleskine Journal back in Fully Booked at High Street. It was the last piece, it had a small dent on its softbound cover, it wasn't protected with plastic - in short it was the one everyone decided to leave out. And with that, I thought it was an interesting piece. So I wasn't really hesitating to get it. I named it "Molle", pronounced as Mollie. I'll be posting some of my entries here.

And because this is a random entry, check out these random photobooth babies :

You may not see it, but the right side of my face is red.
I was tickling Andrew and his (growing) hair got in my face
(we shaved his head together last week)

Just me, hogging Photobooth as usual :/

I was bugging Drew while he was eating...on our bed. MEH.

I like that I look like I have meat on my face in this photo.
Oh and check out the forehead! Why thank you, imperfections!
And that's Gringo, btw!

For some reason whenever I'm at the appliances section (mall, grocery store) I itch.
This is the second time I got rashes!
Coincidence? Meh?

Babe, Gringo and Me.
Gringo and Drew are really close now, srsly.

Today was the first time I cooked a decent dish on my own - CARBONARA! I thought I should start with the easiest, and darn the darn onions! The skin surrounding my eyes were covered in my precious mascara. It made me think about looking up "Alamats" on Onions, lol. Anyway, both Papa and Drew liked how it tasted! I'm thinking I should make Thursday my official "cooking day". I wonder what I should work on next. Hmm. Suggestions, anyone?

I want to go to Coachella one day. I'm so jealous! Or maybe Benicassim (cos my cousin's gone a lot of times, I want to experience that too!) Or maybe the Warped Tour? Anyone?

My friend Jaybs recently shared Girls' Generation's "Run Devil Run" video and I loved it! I loved the song and that they weren't all pa-cute in the video. YES TO FIERCENESS. I love it when azns don't conform to looking the usual cos that's what everyone's accustomed to seeing. Fight against conformity, yo! I'm totally obsessed with the song.

Speaking of tunage, Boo (a.k.a. Lance) shared Viking Metal music with me. And goodness. Okay, wow. I have no words... Okay, I do. First, I don't have anything against it. I think its actually cool that some people have a thing for Viking Metal. It may not be my thing but its sort of rubbing off on me. So don't be surprised if I post a video Lance shared with me that I end up liking. Viking Metal could be very empowering. It made me miss reading Helga the Viking Comic Strips on the paper. I kept saying "Horny Viking Helmets" and Lance found it weird. LOL. What a transition. I mean, I've just started liking KPOP and all of a sudden I'm yoodloodling (its what I call my Leprechaun dance moves) to Viking music.

This entry's been saved in my Drafts folder for like 4 days now. Getting some shut eye in a while. I can't wait to get the Wacom Bamboo Pen and Tablet so I can doodle away!



  1. Wah i love the floppy hat too :) and aww you cooked a meal! hope I can be as successful in the kitchen :P

  2. You are such a cute witty walking disaster! :D
    I love the floppy hat too! And your bed! <3

  3. Kristin, aw I'm sure you will be too! :)

    Anagon, OMG that means a lot that you said that! Heehee! Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3