The Sumilang Experience

It was in 2005 when we started interacting online, thanks to Multiply. I’m not sure when I found out I was in love with her, but yes – I was. She’s witty, and smart and she’s gorgeous. It was one of those friendships I’ve had in the intarwebs that I knew I was going to keep even if we haven’t met in person. Yet, that is.

There were countless of messages exchanged to each other, then came chatting through Y!M, and finally, we were comfortable enough to set a date to meet. For 5 years, the plan never pushed through.

Until last month.

I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to feel. I’ve been looking forward to that day for years. I wondered if it would be awkward because finally, I wouldn’t be facing my laptop with her avatar somewhere on my screen – I would be with her, IRL.

“Hey Abs, I’m here…” she texts me. She’s downstairs waiting for me by the entrance closest to where she parked.

You could say I was starstruck.

The thing about Chesca is, you know she was brought up well. She gave off this elegant and classy vibe but also, comfortable. Not everyone has that. Its either you’re classy or you’re comfortable. I don’t think I can be my normal jologs self around classy people. But Chesca allows you to do that around her, and she won’t judge you for it. Its always been that way since we established our friendship anyway. She’s not uptight, and she’s not full of herself (its funny how girls who have the right to have so much confidence are mostly the ones who end up being really humble).

If there was one thing we didn’t need that day it would be an icebreaker. She just made it so easy for us to talk, making the effort for the conversation to last (because I suck at that, I let my shyness get the best of me – thanks ha, when I need it the least?), and soon enough everything was easy breezy.
Chesca's photos and mine combined :

At Gloria Jean's (thanks for the coffee, Ches!)

I look like Chesca's P.A. - but I anticipated that. Hee!
And yes, I lost a lot of weight - don't rub it in. Lol.

We had Japanese for brunch, then she treated me to coffee. Hours later, I was supposed to meet with my friends at the nearby mall, but because she was heaven-sent, offered me to stay at their house to hang there until they arrived.

What's the deal with my hair. Shaaaaame!

I honestly felt very very lucky that she and her family let me in their lives like that. Her parents were two of the nicest parentals I’ve ever met, and to have the opportunity to sit with them during Dinner? That was priceless. I just felt so welcome. And for someone who they’ve met for the first time, I just couldn’t believe it myself. I was crying my eyes out from laughing so hard while her entire family cracked out jokes at each other.

As much as I love my Family and Andrew’s, thinking of them as the model I’d mold my own Family on, I thank God for giving me another Family to be inspired by. I didn’t need to wonder how Chesca became the wonderful woman that she is and will continue to be. I’d love to have that kind of balance with my Family. They exude so much class, but they don’t bore the hell out of you. Here is a family with all the values its members should possess.

I jokingly asked her Dad to adopt me as we left the Dining Room. And he didn’t hesitate to say “Yes,” as long as I don’t end up crying when the spotlight’s on me (Chesca, if you’re reading this – you know what I mean), and I promised I wouldn’t.

I was definitely overwhelmed as I stepped out their (oh my God so awesome) house. To have been in it was a bonus – but to somehow be a part of their lives for an hour and a half, that’s something I’ll get to keep forever.

I’m not sure if they’ll get to read this, but to the Sumilangs, thank you. You guys were definitely one of my highlights for 2010. Chesca, I am so glad God decided to make you a part of my life. Now that we finally met – I’m looking forward to hanging out with you more (Hello Patty and Steph if you’re both reading this too, let’s all set a date eh?) And please ask your Family to adopt me again, Ches. I love you!


  1. Abs, you're one of my sweetest friends ever. Thank you for writing this entry, it made me really feel better! Hee, I love you more now than yesterday. Meganun? HAHAHA.

    I'm always here for you. And I will always be your little sister. Let me know when you're coming to the Philippines so we can adopt you again! <3

  2. This is really nice! :) Chesca really is the "elegant and classy vibe but also, comfortable." =)

  3. Ches, YESPLEASE, ADOPT AGAIN ADOPT AGAIN! LOLJK. Hahaha! I love you Ches! :)

    Anagon, thank you so much! And she is 'no? Its one of the things I love about her, and I'm sure I'm not the only one! :)