Coachella, Ella, Ella

I don't remember the first time I've heard of mosh pits and found out what it was exactly, but I'm sure I knew about it because of Woodstock (not Snoopy's feathery friend).

According to Wiki, The Woodstock Festival began in 1969, from the 15th to the 18th of August where 400,000 people gathered to listen to artists like Santana, Janis Joplin, Blood, Sweat and Tears, and Jimi Hendrix.

Like most people, I consider Music as one of the things I would love forever, no doubt! (no, not the band, although I do love them). When my friend Lance influenced me about adapting to the Scene culture, I then found out about music festivals like Bamboozle, Warped Tour, and Coachella.

Whenever I think about going all 60's, living the hippy life, camping with my friends on tents by the stage for 3 days, I think it would be AWESOME (understatement). And with the wide range of genres, and the chance to be a groupie? Mmm-mmm. In the spirit of Woodstock, there I will stand.

And because I try too hard (and because I like to daydream about going one day - which I will), I've printed out a couple of Warped Tour posters on A3 papers two years ago, and I added two Coachella posters last week and stuck them on my wall.

And because I've also been imagining what I'd wear to the Coachella Festival, here are looks I'd love to don when that awesome day comes (gotta love Looklet) :

And no, I'm not ignoring the blackhole outside my bubble today, or rather escaping it. This is my way of not hanging myself from a tree, thankyou.

Okay, not funny.


  1. ill go to nth modern woodstocks with you!! :D love the outfit plans so 60s!!
    oh, and hang in there abbie! :) (figuratively!)

  2. Adventurous outfits! I especially love the first and last one :)

    I'd love to attend Coachella too, they have one of the best line-ups compared to many festivals that have sprung over the years, atleast in my opinion. Yeah, and star sightings too. Hahaha!