Guess who's back?

And yes, I was definitely singing Eminem's "Without Me" in my head. Oh goodness. Seriously it felt like I haven't logged on in forever when, funny I just realized that its ONLY been a day. Wow, and all that panicking I did at work trying to find a way to get the internet connection back at home. There is no way I'm settling that telephone bill RIGHT NOW. Thank you Ate Lorie for telling me about GO. If you're reading this and you're in the Middle East, seriously - try it. It's amazing. I LOVE IT.

And OMG its 2 A.M. I think our Driver would love to drag me out of my flat in the morning, since I come down late, like most of the time.

You have no idea what I'm going through right now. Let's just keep it at that because God is taking care of it. We claim victory. And I'm not sure about the bond that Bob Marley and Jesus had, but they both did say "not to worry about a thing, because every little thing is gonna be alright". Right? Right. God is always good, and He will always be. He's done so much for me and my family already. No need to doubt that.

So. I guess I'll leave you with a few photobooth babies? I'm off to bed. Shut eye, you're not something I could find in my fridge, but boy do you sound yummy to me right now.


Just something I took like 10 minutes ago.

I took Proenza with me to work yesterday.
Yes, I really was on the phone with someone.

Oh, and speaking of work - our internetz was cut-off. And no, its not that we haven't settled our bill. Its something that was taken out on us personally.

Wooh! Professionalism!

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