Kermit Tesoro, I LOVE YOU

Remember this April 2010 cover of Preview Magazine?
(srsly, who could forget a Preview cover?)

So tell me, how can you miss out on the shoes, love?

Meet the genius behind it : the one and only Kermit Tesoro.

Photos courtesy of Kermit Tesoro

I don't think I need to show you how much drool is on the page of my copy, featuring Kermit's skull-heel sculpted shoe. I just know I wanted to get my hands on one.

And so I came up with an awesome idea : to wear a pair on my wedding. Yes, my church wedding. I searched for a way to communicate with him, and when I did, I got something pretty in my inbox, tied with a red bow (btw - I'm not getting it anytime soon, I'm broke! But I did say I would be ordering, wee!)

Kermit Tesoro, you just made my year. I love you.

Read more about Kermit Tesoro on Style Bible's Designer Spotlight article on Kermit and Status Magazine's write-up on his latest collection which was showcased during this year's Philippine Fashion Week, Holiday 2010 - where I had the passes to his show but was such a loser for missing out on it.

Aww, look at that face. Look at all those wasted passes.
I love you John Caro, thanks for giving them to me anyways!

Looking at the bright side, there's always next season. And with someone as brilliant as Kermit, you're sure to see more of him. More, more, more. Yesplease.


  1. wow.u gon buy a kermit tesoro????/omg

  2. Hello, love! :) Yes I plan to, wish me luck ha? Hahaha! But not now, super broke pa ako eh. I plan to get it for my church wedding in the near future, so I'll be saving up for it :)