The last time my skin was like this was last year, but it was a result of the weather. Now, I think its a mixture of that, and stress. And I couldn't hate it any more. When I got here, the break-outs were starting on my forehead, and now, I'm starting to have them on my nose and cheeks! Oh no.

I don't want to try a lot of products without seeing my Dermatologist in the Middle East. I was supposed to go to see Tita Liberty Sumilang (Chesca's Mom), but I decided it would be best to start with her when I finally settle down in Manila for good (but you're here, so you could drop by Renu Smart Skin Solutions in SM MegaMall and SM North Edsa!, read an article on the clinic here). I can't wait to go try their services myself.

Right now, I just want to lock myself up in my room and hide until my skin's cleared up. But that's wishful thinking. And quite insane.

/grabs mirror/ Ew.


  1. I FEEL YOU, ATE ABBIE. Super.

  2. It's all right Abbiekins. Even with your skin all greasy and stuff you're still adorable.(",)

  3. i think you're still very pretty :)

  4. Queen, hay :( How's your skin doing now? Mine's getting a bit better, thank God!

    Gogs, hahahaha! Thank you!!! :)

    Aves, why are you so sweet!! I want to hug you right now. Thank you! <3