Formspring Kwezhchunz # 11

Abbie.. I don't know you personally so as much as I want to give my condolences the proper way, this is the best that I can.. :( Be strong! You can do it.
Thank you so much, Sweetie!! This is more than enough, really. Letting me know that you symphatize with me, is enough.

is it really goodbye curly tops for you?

Yeah, short curly hair was so hard to manage for me, I've turned into being low-maintenance these days :( Its funny though, cos when my cousins noticed, Mama was like "yeah, I wonder until when would she be sticking with straight hair" lol.

Condolence Ate Abbie!:( She's happy now up there;)

I appreciate it, thank you so much :)

Hello Ms. Abbie Almasco, I would just like to say thankyou for following me back. Its a pleasure, indeed. :) Uhm, takecare and godbless. Enjoy being a wife. ♥

You're so sweet, thank you Marla. Of course! The pleasure is mine!

Ate Abbie! Saw you wedding pictures at facebook:) You're so pretty:) Best wishes and goodluck!:* 

Thank you so much! Bless your sweet heart! :)

Yes, yes! I'll be in Dasma! Visit me, please? :)

I'll be going to Dasma on Wednesday but for awhile lang! Hahaha! :/

top 5 list ng GUSTO MONG GAWIN.. tapos list naman ng 5 BAGAY na GUSTO MONG MAKUHA (pwede ring TAO! haha)
Okay here goes, TOP 5 THINGS TO DO :1.) Save up and hire an interior designer to decorate the condo 2.) Save up for the church wedding 3.) Travel the world 4.) Model and write for Preview Magazine 5.) The most important one - to be the person Mama raised me to be, and to apply that with my children in the future / TOP 5 THINGS TO ACHIEVE : 1.) A Blackberry Bold 9700 2.) A Wacom Tablet 3.) Kermit Tesoro shoes 4.) Ivarluski Aseron Wedding Gown 5.) Vintage Furnitute. Those are the things that went in my head. Lol!

Hi Ate! Did you ever think of changing your Tumblr username to AbbieBautista? Hahaha it dawned on me awhile ago that you have a new last name! :)) Did I mention I'm really weird? Sorry. :)) -Jenny

Haha! That's cute! No, not yet! I will soon! And you're not weird. Hahaha! Adorable.

hi abbie, im sorry to hear that about your mom... condolence to you and to your family.. I know how it feels cause my grandma is also critical but still figthing... May God Bless you always take care, misslainern 

Thank you sweetie, will pray for your Gramms. HUGS.

Hola Abbie! Congrats! You look so beautiful in your wedding vintage gown :) How's your married life so far? :)
Thank you, can you believe it was thrifted? I'm so glad to have that memory of me buying that gown with my Mom. She picked it out, she spotted it, not me :) I miss her so much.

Hi. i just want sto ask what brand and color of lipstick did used here. thanks :)
Its from MAC, shade : Pink Nouveau :)

Hi miss Abbie. Where'd you buy your Proenza po and how much? Thankyou. :) 

My brother got it for me in the states, I don't know how much :/

hi.. do you know laureen uy? 

Personally? Yes. I love that girl so much. She's adorable.

Who are you voting for President and VP this coming elections?

I wasn't able to register, and this is late, but to answer your question, for the Presidential position, its a tie between Noynoy and Gordon. For VP, I was rooting for Binay more, but Roxas is okay too :)

Ms. Abbie, I don't know you personally but somehow you're a part of my life because I've been reading your blog(s) since 2007 (I think)..from blogspot to tumblr to twitter and now back to blogspot..I'm so sorry about your mom..I almost cried :(
I really love knowing someone's been reading my blogs years ago, it makes me melt everytime. And thank you so much for the sympathy. Its such a tough time for us, I can't even put it to words.

Why are you so gorgeous?

Oh wow. Hahaha! Thanks for saying that I am!!! :)

Ate Abbie! im a huge fan:) not only because of your awesome fashion sense, awesome voice but also because of your love for your family especially your mum:) she must be so proud of you:) God Bless you and your family:) keep on smiling:) 

Thank you so much :') That really makes me smile. God bless you!

Best skin regimen? :)
Hi Hotney! I think its the basic rule(s) : To wash your face twice a day, drink 8 glasses of water, and moisturize moisturize moisturize.

hi ms.abbie! san ka nakakuha ng twilight audiobooks? thank you :)

I really don't remember, but I downloaded them via Torrent. Try to look it up on Google, ang dami doon! :)