Formspring Kwezhchunz # 12

Formspring from Abbie Almasco-Bautista on Vimeo.

Thanks, Joe-Wan for suggesting this (and goodness, your blog is AWESOME! Why can't I blog like you? You're definitely one of my daily reads now!)

Before you watch it though, I'd like to warn you to pleeaaase pardon my nonsense (and blonde moments). Meh. And I just noticed, God I've lost so much weight talaga, look at my arms! /cries/

Please don't worry though, guys. I'm really working on it. Like you have no idea. I have to stop stressing out about my weight as well or I'm never gonna gain it back.

Which reminds me...must I see Oshino-san? Hahahahaha! Damn you Jaybo, Bakemonogatari is so awesome! Drew and I started watching last night and it kicks ()*#*#@, yes it does!

P.S. - LOL at leopard printed unmentionables peeping out throughout the entire vid. Sorry, I really have this thing for men's shirts these days. Meh.


  1. ang CUTE nun sumingit si Gringooo! :D Hihihi! and your side comments na in filipino ;p hahahha! :D
    i <3 you abs! :)

  2. Hahaha! Nako Ana, si Gringo ay sobrang lambing na ngayon, buti naman! Hahaha! :) I love you too Ana, miss na kita! :(

  3. ZOMG! Thanks for liking my suggestion, Abbie! I'm so kilig. :D

  4. Joe-wan, sure! Loved it! And I'm kilig that you're kilig. Heehee! I love reading your blog. You make me really want to DL The Office and Arrested Development. I used to watch them lang when I catch them on TV, channel surfing (although I do like The Office) :) Thanks thanks thanks!!! <3

  5. Abbie! Hahaha. You know how I get kilig when you say my name in your vlogs. This is the second time na. =))

  6. Cool, formspring via Vlog! Unique idea! :) I think nagask ako about sa work. nakaanonymous pala ko. heehehe. :))