Meh, haven't been updating my blog, I have so many ideas and my next posts would be about my recent stay in the Philippines (Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan, Inang Bayan!), turning into certified Madlang People at Showtime, Anagon Accessories, Thrift Shopping and this Japanese brand that I'm currently loving : Kinyobi Friday Uomo.

For now, let me leave you some Photobooth babies :

Today at the "Confines of 9 to 5" before having Tea

Loving this sweater so much. Rrrrr.

Loving this pin/clip that my Tita J got me on their recent trip to China.
Its from C&A. So pretty.

Will work on my article that I pray would be published. Trying to get things out of my system, but not to worry. As much as I love to write about Fashion and other superficial things that I'm obsessed with, it feels good to write about things that matter too. Besides, I'm not that much of a busy girl anyway. When I get home, I only have to do the dishes, tidy up the rooms, fold the laundry, make dinner and spend some quality time with the family catching up with the rest of the world : watching Prince of Persia.



  1. Hahahah Abbie with Prince of Persia!! ;) <3
    I like it that you are "balanced" -- with being into "superficial things" yet youre still someone with substance :)
    I miss you and hope you're doing better there! :) Stay pretty, love all the photobooth pics! :D

  2. Hay nako Ana, alam mo I watched Prince of Persia and didn't even pay much attention. War mode kami ni Drew 'nun. Hahahaha! I miss you Ana :( Trying to survive here, as always!! Let's all stay pretty!!! /hugshugshugs/