Remember Me

A review, or something like it.

"Gandhi said that whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it's very important that you do it because nobody else will. Like when someone comes into your life and half of you says: "You're nowhere near ready". And the other half says: "Make her yours forever". Michael, Caroline asked me what would I say if I knew you could hear me. I said: "I do know. I love you. God, I miss you, and I forgive you."
- Tyler Hawkins

As I type this entry, I'm watching it for the third time, just after it finished and my jaw was still on the floor. Good thing I was still able to get the remote to press play.

Its so awesome, first let me mention that Robert's character writes on his journal, that are like letters to his brother, who took his own life. Days ago, I came up with publicly blogging letters to my Mom, its gonna fall under a new label, "Letters to Altuna". For some reason, you could say I relate to this film. A lot, in terms of emotions.

In my opinion, I think its not something you'd end up liking if you aren't totally in touch with your 'feelings'. You'd understand, maybe. But you won't get it. You know what I'm saying? It is dragging, if you've experienced something similar, or close.

The plot wasn't really leading you anywhere. I've gotten to many points asking myself where this was going, what's the silver lining, I keep waiting for that moment where I finally yell out, "Eureka!" after guessing how its gonna end. But I got nothing. I felt the same about Revolutionary Road, if I remember correctly.

The cinematography was amazing, I liked how naturally perfect it looked - dim lights, the silhouettes, the angles. The editing was pretty good, too. I like how they omitted some of the usual scenes - like why Allie ended up throwing up like that, did she have too much to drink? Does she have a low tolerance for alcohol? The usual scenes like Michael's wake years ago, and most importantly - the end. Now I don't want to spoil it for you, but the climax...Wo. I was going bonkers. It went like this:

Me : ".....WHAT???? ...... Wait, are they supposed to write about that? Or is is that day's...NO!OMG NO!"
Zooming out on RPattz
Cut Scene

Lol. But yeah that's pretty much how it went. Reminds me of Marie Antoinette's editing. Leaves so much for the audience to imagine. Its like mini-cliffhangers, I love it! And there is a metaphor I'd like to use but I need to watch my language. Hee.

Robert was really good in this film (goodness, he was brilliant). You see how versatile he is. And Emilie's really gorgeous too. They have good chemistry, I get goosebumps.

Its one of those movies that I feel like, was perfectly written - all the little hints they drop throughout the film, that you don't really notice until you've seen it over and over.

Here are some of my favorite scenes (gah RPattz makes an orgasmic Romantic, haha!) WAISOHOT. Nag-effort talaga ako to get these screencaps. Reminds me of the time I captured screencaps while watching Mission Impossible 2 for the nth time (who didn't have their "Tom Cruise" days?)

I hope I didn't give away too much. If you haven't seen it yet, you should!! It makes you realize so much about life. If you don't get that everyday, that is.

You know, I hope RPattz stops wearing white v-neck tees. They just make me wanna rip them off his body (RPATTZ WAISOHOT???) Robert Pattinson = bringing the sexx in plain white tees.


  1. I liked the movie too! And I only watched it this week and I wondered why it wasn't received as well as it should have. I give props to RPattz. :3

  2. TRUE! Me too!!! <3 RPATTZ LOVE. Hahahaha! Robsessed!