TWO 2010

Second vlog for 2010. Can you guys help me out? Help me make these more interesting! Suggest something for me to talk about on my next vlog! C'mon, c'mon!

TWO 2010 from Abbie Almasco-Bautista on Vimeo.

Vlogs are so much fun to make. I want to achieve the same thing my good friend George Putong was able to pull off : Vlogging EVERYDAY. That's like 365 vlogs, but his was pretty easy to do, cos he had a life and it was exciting. On the other hand, mine is...well, do you want to watch me slice some onions, or maybe argue with Andrew? If that's your idea of "interesting" then be my guest by all means.

Oh, and to follow up on this post, here's a photo of those pair of glasses I talked about. I was wrong, I started using my first pair of nerdies back in early November 2009.

Mmkay, off to get me some shut-eye. Mornight, weoplez! Another day tomorrow (err, more like later). PROCRASTINATION HERE I COMEZ!


  1. Make fashion-themed vlogs! Or answer your Formspring questions.

  2. i love!! super cute! :D
    i like the third nerdy glasses (in the pic) =) i want din round specs? :D kaso baka di sakin bagay haha!
    miss you abbie! more funny vlogs, coz we actually watch them =) <3!!

  3. ate abbie talk about your favorite makeup products in your upcoming vlog. :)

  4. Joe-Wan, I'm doing that next (answering Formspring in vlog form) - thanks for that! And I will take more fashion-themed vlogs too! <3

    Ana, ano ka ba girl! Keri mo 'yan! Heehee! :) I miss you too!! Kita ulit tayo ha when I fly home? Sorry I wasn't able to get anything during the shoot, you know that I'm broke. I'll raid your stuff next time - SURELY! Hahaha!

    Angelica, will add that too! :) Thank you for suggesting! Wee!