I love post-processing. And I missed producing Droid babies, so... here are a few I did today. Arranged from Oldest to Latest.

I srsly love this hat!
(these were taken last night)

These two are candid shots, taken by Drew.
I love them both!

Post-processing is so addicting. You've no idea how many photos I have in my hard drive that I spend minutes on choosing which ones are to be published. Ha!

This is what I call being productive... Erm, yes... k.


Joe, you're no Regular Joe

Dear Joe,

I won't begin this entry by obviously obsessing over you, but I guess saying that alone is, well...making my obsession apparent enough. Honestly, I didn't really pay much attention seeing you on Third Rock. But I thought you were kinda cute in 1o things. I was charmed. You had this "innocent, but not really" thing going on. You weren't hard to remember, you'd still appear in my head from time to time. But then one afternoon, while I was going through podcasts I had just downloaded, there you were, freely dancing in a shoot, the backdrop looked like a skating ramp, and you had these moves that I don't normally see actors do during interviews. You had a beard, and your laugh lines had grown to be way too irresistible. I don't know you personally, but it felt like that was you, Joe - sitting on that chair, answering all these questions. You, Joe. Not the actor, not the artist, not the producer, not the director, not the founder of this epic, kick-ass production site. I started reading your blog and saw your other movies, the ones you made before 500 Days...I think that changed everything (and dammit you were awesome in Mysterious Skin).

You're gorgeous, but I feel like that's just a bonus. I love that you're so passionate about voicing out others' talents, not just people in Hollywood, giving everyone the credit they deserve, because not all of us could afford all that so we could be heard. There are so many people out there who are as talented, and you're giving them that opportunity. I hope other people see that, too.

I've sort of ended up having a high-school girl crush on you, the type that most people have for Edward Cullen (I had that, I believe I still do, please don't hate me). I've never blissfully smiled and batted my eyes like this in front of my laptop for the longest time until today, after watching Morgan and Destiny's, one of the many, amazing projects you produced, narrated and collaborated with other artists.

I love that you're this brilliant, young man in Hollywood and you're utilizing your fame, your success, in a way that others don't.

On an eerie note, because I feel the need to say this, I think you have to be thankful that I have just gotten married about four months ago (we don't have any children yet, btw. If you don't mind being the other man, please let me know), because God knows the extent of what I could do just so I could have one unforgettable fangirl moment with you. I hope that didn't scare you because a restraining order would be the last thing I'd want from you, Joe.

Please continue inspiring others to put themselves out there. Please continue making the rest of the world feel like they have a right, and that, even by just being themselves, they too, can make it, no matter where they're from and what language they speak.

I love you, Joe. You're too awesome for words. I've just lost my Mom two months ago, but seeing you on the intarwebs make me all giddy. It made me create a bubble in my head, a world where only you and I exist, living on a rainbow and we have pet unicorns in our backyard.

BTW - you really pull off the smug expression on your face.
My underpants seem to go missing when I look at this photo.

I'm sharing this, too.

Its too awesome to not be seen. I'd love to collaborate with you and regular RECorders one day, I've always wanted to do a short film (also, I've dreamt of starring in an indie film since 2004). You inspired me to try that out. Though I'm sure the first one won't be great, but its a start.

This won't be the last letter I'm writing you.

Abbie x


Philippines 2010

Just thought I should post some of my photos during my recent "vacation" (if you can call it that) to the Philippines this year.

Went home twice. First was in March, to help Mama settle, and in May - to say goodbye. I don't want to get the waterworks started, so...

I'm really happy that Mama was able to find a really nice community to live in. I miss being in the South (I'ma South Girl fo'eva, Alabang Town Center - I miss you!) but, I have always loved Makati. Now I'm happy that I live in Global City! And with that being said, I'm like 5 minutes away Serendra, and 10 minutes away from Greenbelt. I can't wait until we finally settle there, like for real.

Hours before our flight back to the MidEast

I srsly did not expect Papa to do this, it made me want to shed some saltwater.

Treating Mama Felly to Dinner and Dessert in Market!Market!

Dinner with my college barkada in Hooters.
One of the nights I wouldn't want to remember, but its not cos of my friends.
I love that they did not change a single bit.
This was the same day I met up with my Seventeen girls, too!

Seventeen Girls in High Street
I forgot that there were three Starbucks branches in the area, and most of them went to Serendra! Saab and Chammy walked all the way to the branch in High Street, next to Pancake House! FAIL!

Chammy treated me to a cupcake. Mmm, Chocolate Surprise!

Saaby took this candid photo of me :)

Oh goodness, my oily fez.
I'm too lazy to edit anything. Meh, who cares.

I'm so happy that after all these years, we've still managed to be really good friends, even if we don't hang out with each other all the time!

My GG Peeps
Jaybo kind of influenced everyone to be into Go Greek.
I have to stop talking about it because I'd end up feeling restless, craving for it too much.

This photo we took on purpose, its similar with the first one we took,
which is at the end of this entry!

The next four photos are Eya's shots.
Really cute!

Starbucks, Glorietta 4

Go Greek, Glorietta 4 Food Choices

Timezone, Glorietta 4

My Goddaughter, Ysobel Simone Gomez's Baptism.

Such an adorable bundle of joy.
I can't wait to go shopping with you and your Mom! :)

I've been friends with these guys for a decade now. We literally grew up together.
Taken at the Reception, at the Manila Golf Club

At St. Andrew's Chapel in Makati

Showtime, May 28, 2010
The photos with watermarks were taken by Aevan Caro, who took photos during our wedding ceremony!

I love Jhong Hilario.
He's so down-to-earth. When my friend Camille Agcaoili tagged him on this photo on Facebook, I sent him a message and he replied on the photo saying he's been trying to add me, but can't! Turns out we both exceeded the number of friend requests! Hee! :) We're connected now, and he's been really nice. My Sister used to hang out with the Streetboys before, and he says she does look familiar. Wee!

Vice Ganda was awesome.

I spoke to Vhong when he seated near us and told him that I guested in Wazzup Wazzup before and he says he remembers. He's always been nice. Glad to see that that hasn't changed after all his success. He even tapped me on my knees, and I was kilig. Haha!

The only photo of the 5 of us, its blurry but I'd like to share it anyway!
Next to me is Aevan, Tita Sonia, Tito Art, and Papa.
They were responsible for turning us into hardcore Madlang People for a day.

I grew up in Palawan, spent like 6 years there since I was 5. I have very fond memories of it, and I was glad I was able to take this trip back with Papa for 4 days. They were short, but very sweet. I was happy to have been able to bond with my cousins, who I can really relate to now, especially that two of them are teenagers. We did a lot of thrift shopping!

I love this photo of me and my Lolo.

In Balsahan, where donning on your hottest pair of swimsuit isn't an option.
Funny story, since I had a bikini with me (and no shorts) I decided to wear a semi-long sleeveless top to pair with it, and one kid pointed at me, laughing, saying "Look, look! She's only in her panties!" .... Nice.

And I know I look like I have the baby bump, but please. I am not with-child.
I'm just wearing these really loose pair of shorts (but I love them)

My BFF back in Gradeschool, Kat - treated me to Bilao at Palayok!
I love the ambiance! The food's really good, and cheap too!

Gorgeous, gorgeous lighting. If you ever go to Palawan, try it out yourself!

While I treated them to coffee at Beans and Pages!

Ate's Flight back to Japan
My sister has been living in the land of the rising sun for a decade now.
She's married to an awesome local, who ALWAYS speaks to me in
Nihonggo when we're on the phone. Don't ask me what he says.
My sister translates it for him. He's very naughty. Haha!
My sister can speak fluent Nihonggo, and even - guess what - WRITE.
She kicks ass. Too awesome for words.

This is a photo we took before dropping her off at the airport.
Taken in front of our building.
Actually, they dropped me off at Serendra first. Hee!

Kuya's Lunch Treat at KKK!
Kuya's always the taya. Haha!

Naloka kami sa picture na ito.

Kuya's so gwapo!

Family Dinner at Greenbelt

Kuya's treat!

And Cody wearing my glasses.

I have awesome memories at Bubba, but I was never able to take a photo in this bench.

Dinner at Sentro

Tita J's Lunch Treat at Fely J's, Greenbelt 5

Cody's sleepover
What turned out to be 5 DAYS. I miss her so much!

Kuya's Dinner Treat at Friday's, Boni High Street

The staff had a crush on him. Haha!

Family Reunion at Rosewood Pointe
Held at one of the cabanas by our condo's poolside.

Most of these photos were taken by my cousin, Mao.


The tale of two....hmm
Look at my Mom, she lost so much weight but is still smiling, and is still gorgeous!
I miss her so much.

Me and my Kuya, he took the next two photos with his iPhone

Me and Mama
The condo has barely any stuff in it.
For now, that is :)

This was also taken by my cousin, Mao. I love this photo.

Cosplay Convention / Clash of the Titans at MegaMall

Then there's this stolen shot of Elaine, Ate Joy and me with Iron Man. Lol.

Kuya took this shot of me. I'm so pa-cute.

There are no words to describe how precious these hours were to me.

I was at the shower and heard the main door open,
then Mama started to cry. I knew it at that moment :

We don't have much furniture at the condo yet.

Mama was texting and calling us a lot, we were out long!
Wups! Then Kuya and I had several high-five moments cos
Pizza Hut had our favorite songs playing.

High-School Reunion at High Street

Kuya surprising us at the condo
It was so funny cos Mama was facing the TV, with her back on the door. I was doing the dishes, then suddenly - Kuya knocks. I smirk and mute my scream, hugged him, and Mama was like "Nee, who is it?" I said I didn't know and let Kuya in. As soon as she saw him, she cried! It was the same when my sister, Ate Joy arrived. She just cried. Can't blame her though. She hasn't seen two of her three children for a decade. I'm so glad we were able to make her happy, seeing us all in one roof.

Abbie and Chesca in Dagupan

I have always loved this girl.

Ches treating me to Gloria Jean's

Kidlat Club in Pangasinan
They have always wanted to visit Drew's in Pangasinan, and it was really
sad that they came when I was there, and Drew wasn't. Lol.

We had so much fun with Drew's STI tarp. I remember seeing it
for the first time and I got really kilig, he looks really handsome!

Polca and JOU friends in High Street

Shots taken by BJ, Eya, Keith and Badge

Mama's admission at the hospital
We stayed there for a week. I thought I was going bonkers.
I spent almost every night with my journal, watching people
live their lives outside my window.

First GG experience with my GG peeps

I got myself from brow goodies from MAC :)

I'm doing a separate entry on meeting up with the awesome Ana Gonzales (I love you) where Ches and I modeled for her latest collection!

I feel so blessed to have these memories to share with you. Thank you God for giving me these wonderful, wonderful people to be a part of my life.

Mama, I miss you.