I finish my Popcorn even before the movie starts

I miss that about movie houses. We don’t have any of those here, and I think its for everybody’s safety. Hee. Better that way. At least we gots surround sound at home.

Been watching a lot of movies lately, and most of them I’d like to do a review on (actually, I just attempt to, hee!) Let’s see... I saw Prozac Nation, Chloe, Priceless, Kimmy Dora, The Losers, Kick Ass, A-Team, Zombieland, New York I love you and Shutter Island for the past 3 days. I enjoyed each one. Andrew and I just laze around the room, watching one movie after the other.

It’s the movie’s opening sequence that should strike you. Its one of the most important elements. In this case, it slaps you with a lot of attitude.

Back, back, back. How fucking far back do you go?”, Elizabeth narrates. And that, my friend – is a dead giveaway.

You’d end up having a love-hate relationship with Lizzie. There are times when you’d want to hug her and let her spill saltwater and nose goo on your sweater, and there are times when you just want to pull out a baseball bat out of nowhere. But I can partly relate to her and that could be the reason why I do, and would want to understand her. I’ve had my share of demented days, though not on the same level as hers.

What I love is her passion for writing. Its something I know I have too, somewhere.

And here I go with the same ol’ elements that I am obsessed with : Editing and Cinematography. Although all movie elements play a very important role, like the musical scoring – I am just obsessed with these two the most. It just adds so much more character IMO. They all help each other to, but not like these two.

My most favorite scenes are 1.) The first time she and Rafe made love, the sequencing was amazing. Its not the first time I saw this applied, but I liked how it was done in the movie. 2.) The part where she called Rafe at the hotel, and the camera panned out of her range while she was still on the phone, and froze for a few seconds at the empty hallway until she gets out of the phone booth area. 3.) When she loses her writing mojo and the camera just spins around, you know she’s in trouble, and you feel that frustration with her, like you want it so bad, you’re too passionate to let it go, it drives you nuts.

The ending gives you hope. There are people out there going through similar things as you are, or worse – but if you want to, you’d get through it.

"Sometimes it feels like we're all living in a Prozac nation. The United States of Depression."

I definitely want to read the book.


After seeing Things you can tell just by Looking at Her back in 2004, I sort of ended up liking short stories in movies, and how you find out that each story would inter-relate with the others at the end. I saw Paris, Je t’aime only late last year and liked it, too.

New York, I love you is one of the anthology installments by Emmanuel Benbihy (I can’t wait to see Shanghai, I love you and Jerusalem, I love you – I’m sure they’re going to be very interesting).

What I like most about these two anthologies was that they showed us raw scenes of New York (and Paris) – and yes I know they were written, and they were actors, but it felt like, this was how real it was gonna get. Yes, this is New York, random, unusual things happen every second. You’d say, it’s the same with Paris, it’s the same with China, Japan – but they show us what separates this city, what makes it different from the rest, what’s one thing about this place that you would never forget. There’s always the architecture of the buildings, the pretty lights, but what about its people, and their stories?

You know, you might say New York is overrated, and its too exposed. But no matter how much you think you know about it, there’s always something so mysterious about this city. I got that vibe off the film. There are too many stories happening all at once, too much for even two (or ten) people to keep up with.

There were several bad reviews about the short film by Shekhar Rapur (which starred Shia LaBeouf/Julie Christie/John Hurt),and I think it stood out from the rest because of its oddity. I still don’t have an answers to all my questions, although from the forums I’ve read, I do have one angle I’m agreeing on – and saying it might spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it yet.

The ones I liked the most were the shorts by Faith Akin, Randy Balsmeyer, Mira Nair, Brett Ratner and Natalie Portman.

At some points of the film, I wait for something bad to happen, like when strangers end up talking to each other out of nowhere. I had several weird emotions during this film, but I cherished them.


Whenever I think of Scorsese, I think “Genius”, and when I think of Di Caprio, I say “Brilliant” – both understatements. But when I think Scorsese + Di Caprio, I jizz in my pants. And how dare you say that “The Departed” didn’t blow your mind, or “The Aviator” didn’t leave a mark, and that “The Gangs of New York” wasn’t an epic dramatization of how gangs were actually born (srsly I’m not really a fan of gang-related flicks, but this was too awesome to pass up on).

Now, Shutter Island. We need a moment of silence, please.

The twist was too amazing. It blew my mind. Its scary in a sense that its scarring. I remember going to the bathroom to brush my teeth after the movie and I was so scared that I wanted to drag Andrew to stay with me until I was done (I didn't though, the poor thing was exhausted and was already plopped down in bed).

But yes, there you are, fighting alongside DiCaprio's character. You're like, "YEAH TEDDY, YEAH! FTeffingW, Teddy! WOOOH!" But then you get to the climax and you're like …. "HOW DARE YOU!" And you end up slapping Teddy so hard he loses consciousness.

Oh goodness, this is so challenging. I want to talk about its epicness but how can I do that without spilling some beans?

Hmm. Okay, what I love about it is how it makes you doubt the characters but at the same time, you want to believe them because you feel like there's no other way, cos its your only hope to stay sane. Are they ganging up on Teddy? No? You don't see anything there that would make them do that. Or wait, what was that time when…? Then you get to the most important part and you're like "OH HELL NO!"

You'd want to punch the screen though after Teddy's last line. You'd be like "NO TEDDY, NO!" I loved it though. The last scene, without even showing what's about to happen, no lines, no screaming, nothing. Just a view of that lighthouse, and its - damn.

Srsly. Watch it, please?

P.S. One of my favorite scenes was when the deputy warden pointed out all the wards and the camera panned real fast to the wards' locations. It was done cleverly. That is so Scorsese. I loved it. I love everything about it.

Oh, movies.

Whenever I see one that triggers my curious nerve (it doesn’t take much to, but anyway), I immediately log on to Google, IMDB, or Wikipedia and end up doing what I feel is an in-depth research on the film (I remember when I looked up on the actual murders that happened in that farm from the movie Changeling and I just wished I hadn’t cos it scarred me for life). My most favorite part is where I check out the forums discussing the movie and I almost always get goosebumps. I dunno, its weird. I love finding out that other people got the exact same feeling I have, and all those things they point out, the ones you missed out on.

And while we're at it, I saw The Exterminating Angels earlier. No, little miss fifteen year old, that movie is not for you. Then the first 5 minutes of Buffalo '66, and not even half of Coco Avant Chanel. I didn't know what mood I was in, exactly.

I'm currently seeding Tokyo! and Shower. I've seen Shower years ago when our org (24 FPS) organized free film showings back in college. I loved Shower. I suggest you see it, too! Also seeding Bunuel's Exterminating Angels. You srsly have no idea how many movies I have untouched in my HD. I have yet to see Dogtooth, Mammoth, Elephant and Welcome to the Dollhouse.

I love movies. And right now, I CANNOT WAIT to see Inception and Somewhere. Gaaaaaaaah!!


  1. "just the view of the light house, and it's ..damn" haha! =D Love shutter island too abbieee! i super love movies it's a weekly routine na (with pop corns, yum!)! :D youll love inceptiooon! i have yet to watch prozac nation, parang cool hehehe! :D

  2. Your blog is very interesting to read!


  3. I didn't finish New York, I Love You because it bored me halfway. Although, I really love the story that Anton Yelchin was in, especially how Blake Lively was just randomly there. :)

  4. I really liked Shutter Island! As for Inception, I heard mixed reviews about it but I'm still gonna see it. :D