Joe, you're no Regular Joe

Dear Joe,

I won't begin this entry by obviously obsessing over you, but I guess saying that alone is, well...making my obsession apparent enough. Honestly, I didn't really pay much attention seeing you on Third Rock. But I thought you were kinda cute in 1o things. I was charmed. You had this "innocent, but not really" thing going on. You weren't hard to remember, you'd still appear in my head from time to time. But then one afternoon, while I was going through podcasts I had just downloaded, there you were, freely dancing in a shoot, the backdrop looked like a skating ramp, and you had these moves that I don't normally see actors do during interviews. You had a beard, and your laugh lines had grown to be way too irresistible. I don't know you personally, but it felt like that was you, Joe - sitting on that chair, answering all these questions. You, Joe. Not the actor, not the artist, not the producer, not the director, not the founder of this epic, kick-ass production site. I started reading your blog and saw your other movies, the ones you made before 500 Days...I think that changed everything (and dammit you were awesome in Mysterious Skin).

You're gorgeous, but I feel like that's just a bonus. I love that you're so passionate about voicing out others' talents, not just people in Hollywood, giving everyone the credit they deserve, because not all of us could afford all that so we could be heard. There are so many people out there who are as talented, and you're giving them that opportunity. I hope other people see that, too.

I've sort of ended up having a high-school girl crush on you, the type that most people have for Edward Cullen (I had that, I believe I still do, please don't hate me). I've never blissfully smiled and batted my eyes like this in front of my laptop for the longest time until today, after watching Morgan and Destiny's, one of the many, amazing projects you produced, narrated and collaborated with other artists.

I love that you're this brilliant, young man in Hollywood and you're utilizing your fame, your success, in a way that others don't.

On an eerie note, because I feel the need to say this, I think you have to be thankful that I have just gotten married about four months ago (we don't have any children yet, btw. If you don't mind being the other man, please let me know), because God knows the extent of what I could do just so I could have one unforgettable fangirl moment with you. I hope that didn't scare you because a restraining order would be the last thing I'd want from you, Joe.

Please continue inspiring others to put themselves out there. Please continue making the rest of the world feel like they have a right, and that, even by just being themselves, they too, can make it, no matter where they're from and what language they speak.

I love you, Joe. You're too awesome for words. I've just lost my Mom two months ago, but seeing you on the intarwebs make me all giddy. It made me create a bubble in my head, a world where only you and I exist, living on a rainbow and we have pet unicorns in our backyard.

BTW - you really pull off the smug expression on your face.
My underpants seem to go missing when I look at this photo.

I'm sharing this, too.

Its too awesome to not be seen. I'd love to collaborate with you and regular RECorders one day, I've always wanted to do a short film (also, I've dreamt of starring in an indie film since 2004). You inspired me to try that out. Though I'm sure the first one won't be great, but its a start.

This won't be the last letter I'm writing you.

Abbie x


  1. omg! i love JGL too.

    sorry to hear about your mum.

  2. win fangirl moment abbie!
    dapat mabasa niya to!

  3. I enjoyed reading this post because I super love him, too! :)