They do exist.

I received messages on my Formspring account today, in relation to my previous post that I decided to take down because it was such an irrational and immature thing to do. But like I said, I honestly have issues handling all this rage and end up using the intarwebs as my confidante/punching bag.

She left me her name at the end of her messages but I decided not to mention it to respect her privacy, she's been such an angel to share so much with me. With things that I know WILL help me and prevent me from doing things that I know I will regret in the end. Sort of a wake-up call.

Here's a screen cap of the first few messages she sent :

I've apologized for this a thousand times, but thank you for the love you've shown me, and the concern. It means a lot.

To YOU, you know who you are - I don't think I will ever get over my Mother's passing either. Thank you for telling me all those things, they were everything I needed to know. Thank you because you made me feel like I wasn't alone, thank you for trying to make me understand him as well, because you're right, it really is not easy. ITS NOT EASY AT ALL. So thank you, thank you. Thank you. I thank God for you.

God has never gotten tired and will never get tired of sending me angels. I'm sure he knows how much I've been losing my head over this. But I hope I learn this lesson now before I fail on the test.

Sometimes I have too much baggage, I end up not knowing what they are anymore. Sometimes, I'm not sure if I still know who I am.