Camels in Twenty Ten

This is pretty late for a forecast, but anyway : You've got your Military Inspired, Jewel Tones and Leopard Prints going on this season, but what's topping this season's trends are camels!

Yes, this adorable creature is such a hit.

Camel Tones have been appearing pretty much early this year, it started with the nudies (no, not nudists, but they could appear to be,nudies. You know, the nudists? The shade's called 'nude' for a reason. What?). Sheer, pale colors. If I remember correctly, it started out as being part of the past seasons' IT nail colors, dark brown in matte finish. And then celebs started to use camel-toned bags, then tops, then shoes...

Camels everywhere. Whether its a bag, a coat, or a belt, it adds more character to the outfit! Don't you think? Trendy, but classy.

(photos : Jak and Jil)

I think this hue should be staple because it may look 'boring' but its got that oomph for some reason that would ironically help your outfit look anything BUT boring. Its got this classy vibe attached to it. Also tribal. Did I just say "tribal" ?

Michael Kors Fall 2010

Among others who had the camels walking the Runways earlier this year are Alexander Wang, Rachel Comey, Phillip Lim.

Also, Zara :

Check out where I believe it all began (this one's been a staple all along) : The Classic Camel Coat, worn in totely awesome ways:

I read on one of the fashion blogs that Camel Hues - from tan, to butterscotch are in. And being one of the people who did not say "Ick" at Camel tones, I'm sure you have a few of these stashed in your closet. Time to dust them off if you haven't yet!

Are Camel tones the new black? I doubt it, but it could be a part of your basics. They're so easy to play with, because its not a loud color, but like black you could pair it with almost anything. Its timeless.