Chalk : September 2010

You know you want to get a copy! Hee!

Okay, this is shameless plugging, but I got featured on their Closet Cases Section! Also part of the feature is the awesome Tin Iglesias, along with Dani Alip and Stacey Rodriguez! Get your copies now, weepee!

Thank God for this awesome opportunity, even if I was miles away. And thank you, Elaine Carag for making me part of this. I love you, woman!

P.S. I was blessed to have been able to work with Andi five years ago, we were under the same modeling agency. Wee! I doubt she remembers me though but she's really, really nice. And gorgeous.

What was I thinking, right? She's too gorgey, and I look like...nvm! Lol!


  1. ooh can't wait to see your feature!:) and you look gorgeous (yes, even beside Andi!):)

  2. Bigla ko tuloy namiss ang Seventeen Mag!

  3. Youre just as pretty as Andi!! :)