Diamond Shotgun (Chicosci Cover)

Diamond Shotgun (Chicosci Cover) from Abbie Almasco-Bautista on Vimeo.

Honestly, not our best one. Could've done so much better but we were so tired! And I was already singing out of tune! Haa! Anyway, check this out, I'm with Justin Bieberrrrr!!! I mean Justine Beaver!!!

The first time Drew and I covered a song was back in 2008, where we did Paramore's "My Heart" and then there was our split-screen video covering Paramore's "Decode" (I would die of shame for you to see this, but anyway)

We had better takes than this - the one we did right before this video but unfortunately we made a mistake singing the LAST line! GAAAH. We're gonna work on improving ourselves, hee! Especially me.

I made several covers too btw. Haven't posted them here. DJ Sammy's version of "Heaven", and Taylor Swift's "You Belong with Me". Ha!

Next, we're covering Metric's "Black Sheep" but we're doing Brie Larson's version, as seen in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. I will do my best, I will! I love that song to bits.


  1. Ang cute cute nyong dalawa! Kitang-kitang enjoy kayo dahil super smile kayp pareho!

    PS. Di ko nakilala si Andrew nung una Abbie, hahahahha