Formspring Kwezchunz # 13

Hi Abbie! Worst experience mo when you were modeling? Share! By the way, thanks for following me back sa tumblr! :)

OMG, I'm so glad that I only have ONE to share, because it was really embarrassing! We were at my modeling agency's launch - it was like past 10PM and there were still a couple of models that were being made-up by these top notch hair and make-up artists (mine was done by RB Chanco, I love herrr!!) so me and a fellow-model were somehow losing our patience (and because we were both jittery - casters and other prominent people would be attending the event), we both blurted out "What time are we going to start, I can't wait to get this done!" And then one of the awesomest make-up artists ever looked at us, shot this look (hello, raised eyebrow!) and went back to work. We both blushed out of embarrassment. After that I still got to work with the make-up artist and thank God she doesn't remember me for that! Woot! Haha! :)

hello abbie i love your blog:)

Thank you, thank you so so so much! :)

what do you like most about yourself?

I don't really know, but I guess its my passion to find out what else is out there. For now, I won't say I'm in the wrong place just cos most people think that there really is nothing to see at this side of the world, but honestly - there is. I know there's a purpose why I'm here, and as I move along, I'm discovering more about the world in ways that others don't and can't. Although its not as exciting as how other people my age are living their lives, but still :) Everyone has something to be thankful for.

Toy Story or Eclipse? :) I haven't seen both! Haha What is huling huli na.

OMG Lovaar, you know I haven't seen Toy Story 3 yet? I heard its a tearjerker! But dang, ECLIPSE!Hahahaha! ... But right now, I'm more like, DANG JGL! Lol! I miss you!

Hey, thanks a lot for the follow, have a great day. (^_^)

Umm, where? In Tumblr? Heehee! If yes, then sure! My pleasure. Hee! :)

do you follow back everyone in tumblr?

Yeah, its the least I can do for someone who follows me in Tumblr. I don't even know why, I feel like my Tumblr's boring! I like my Reblogging Tumblelog more! Haha! ... No, srsly.

Abbie, thank you for inspiring me over and over again. xoxo, Angie

Love you Anj, thank you so much :')

Ate Abs! I miss you big bunch! Do you miss me, too? Haha! Much love!

I miss you a lot Reg! :/ Sorry, you know me - I always answer them questions late! Haha! :( Love love!

When was the last time you did something for the first time? And what is it?

What an interesting question. It was two weeks ago, I started to fully commit myself to God. Its really challenging, thinking of the person that you have to become before Him. I wasn't sure if I could handle the pressure and if I really was willing to let some things go. Its something I'm still working on :) But to open myself to Him like that (although not as much as I really should), but its honestly something I just did for the first time.

hi where did you bought the canopy on your bed?

From Ikea, a steal for like PHP200 something when converted! Ha! :)

Hi. You said on your vlog that you like chunky heels. I love them too! How many pairs do you have? And where did you buy them?

I've only a few that I got from New Look and Zara. But boy, when I see one that I like - nothing can stop me. Haha!

List ng pagkain na kinicrave mo :)

Nako, marami 'yan! Hahaha! :) And I just stuffed myself with lunchfood so I'm not really in 'omnomnom' mode, but because I'm jonesing for dessert, then FROYO from Red Mango or Gelato from Gelatone, pleaaaaaase? :)

ms. abbie, i've been reading your blog for years now and i just realized..i don't know how you and your husband met hihi do you mind sharing again? :)

Oh wow, hahaha! We were both dormers in-campus and his dorm mate and I were friends. I saw him around a lot of times, and thought he was hot, but I wasn't really interested cos I was getting over my ex-boyfriend at the time and wasn't really ready for anything. But lo and behold, months after we were formally introduced to each other, we were a couple! I'll post a photo of that, cos my friend was able to take a picture :) Haha! So adorable. I'll tell you the entire story there! Wee!

you know jen dee valle?? small world!! ^_^

Yes I do, she's my "LOVAGEHL". Haha! How do you know her? :) I miss her so much.

Hi abbie, do you use BAUTISTA officially now? I love that last name! :)

I do sometimes, we're still fixing some of our papers so I can really use it now. But we've no time to spare! Haha! I do use it online though, like my Facebook. Haha! I love my last name, too!

Can you teach us how you do your make up :D Thank you Abbie!

It's really flattering that you're asking me because I don't think I'm very good at it. But I'll post my current favorite look : The "NO MAKE-UP" look! Haha! :) I'll try to do that soon. Don't hold your breath! Hee!

hello pano mo ginawa yung twitter box mo sa blogspot?

Here : :) 
I customized it and placed the widget on my sidebar.

Hi. I just want to ask, you're currently in the MidEast right? Isn't it that you're supposed to wear that black thingie outside of your house? Why are you wearing plunging necklines at work? It's okay pala?

Yes, I do wear an Abaya (the "black thingie" you were referring to) when I go out :) However, because I work in the Administration Department of an Executive Village here, and most of our residents are Western, no one really minds. Besides, I think I'm permitted to wear whatever I want to at work as long as I carry myself well :)

abbie may i ask anong tawag sa hat na suot mo sa july 28 entry mo? beanie ba yan? hehe. thanks :)

I actually had no idea what it was called before you asked me, so I looked it up and voila : Its a knitted EARFLAP hat! Haha! :) I like to have one that's faux fur! I asked my sister to get me one, turns out they're everywhere in Japan during winter. Ha! :)

hi abbie, i know you're anti animal abuse, may i ask for your help with regards to this ( please help spread the word and email the said people. Thanks and God bless you! :)

Sure! I'll post it on Twitter too :) Thanks for sharing, and God bless! :)