Formspring Kwezchunz # 14

seriously abbie, you should stop telling everyone you owned/did/whatever something way before it became a trend. it's annoying and nobody really cares.. do you honestly think it makes you look cooler than others who did it later than u?
Again... I srsly don't care that other's don't :) I'm not saying it to look cool, I'm just 'saying', and its become a habit of mine. That's all :) Honestly, if you didn't care, you wouldn't be leaving me this message :) The rest who don't really care? They shut up. But you however.... :p Hahaha! Srsly,OMG. This is hilarious. Its like you own me to have the right to make me change the way I am. PLEASE, STOP READING MY POSTS :D It will save you from so much...irritation. Haaa! :3

how old are you?
24 :)

Sana magkababy ka na Abbie. Sana girl. Na-iimagine ko na ang kanyang mga outfits. She will be just like you. :)
Aww! Nako, gusto man namin, hindi pa talaga kaya! Don't worry though, we're giving ourselves like 2 years, so we could really enjoy each other's company and be stable in all aspects before we have one :) And I know, sana nga girl!! WAH! Hee! :)

Bakit hindi ka sumali sa Star Magic ng ABS-CBN? Do you like acting?

I do, actually. Pero parang wala ata akong ibubuga. Haha! :) Ibang level ang competition sa showbiz eh! :( Di ko keri! Hehe! :)

I always check your lookbook account and I must say I MISSSSSS your looks! When's the next update? Please update! :D -Sarah

WAH! Thank you!!! :) I know, I must update soon! I will, I will! Hee! :) Thank you Sarah!!! :')

Muslim ka dati?

No :) I have bestfriends who are Muslims though :) Besides, if I were one, I wouldn't change Religions. Does that make sense to you? Hee! :)

Hello Abbie. :D you are pretty. uhm, random question.. when was your first kiss? :)

Thank you so much! I'm kilig, hee! :) Anyway, it was with my first boyfriend back in High School. 2001 :)

what lipstick were you wearing sa cover vid niyo ni justin bieber? hehe

Hahahaha!! Justin Bieber! Wee! Lol! I actually mixed two of my lippies, its Almay in "Romance" and YSL in "Rouge Personnel" :)

I wish I could be friends with you, like in real life. 

Nothing is impossible ;)

Sana maging cover girl ka ng Candy Mag or Preview.
WOW!!! Two of my biggest dreams! I want to achieve that, one sweet day :) Thank you for saying that though!!! That's really sweet :')

Do you smoke Abbie? Drink?

It wasn't a vice for me, I don't have these urges to drink or smoke. But I'm not gonna wash my hands either :) There were nights out with my friends where I would drink (but I have really low alcohol tolerance, I end up tipsy with half a bottle of San Mig Light so I'd resort to ordering a Cosmo or a Shirley Temple). I would smoke on some nights out with friends as well, but what I really like is SHISHAAA!!! Hee! The last time I did both (smoking and drinking) was 2 years ago, back in 2008 :)

Do you know Bianca Gonzalez personally? :)

No, but I wish I did! :)

Nairita ako sa haters mo Abbie. Urgh. I went to Kaye Manalo's formspring page to leave her a message but she disabled it. Gah. Yes I am affected because you're a very nice person and you don't deserve this :|

WAHH!! Chel!!! Thank you :) Its okay, let's not be affected by them, I guess no matter what we do, even if we're not doing anything "wrong" that would really affect another person, they will always have something to say :/ I wanna hug you right now.

you know what, if you were still single, i am so hitting on you!

Wow! Haaa! :3 Thanks You're making me blush :)

'other people should not take hold of your life.." - I totally agree. :) 


hi,pls search youtube for tutorials on how to shape your eyebrows. it will look totally better of you shape have all the pics of examples in your blog, so why not copy it? 

My Dear :) Do you have any idea how challenging it is to copy other's brows? Haaa! :3 I'll keep watching the tutorials, do what I can with my brows, the way I want to, I'll make mistakes, and I'll keep doing what I can until I do it right. Do you expect me to perfect it overnight? :) Maybe you can but I guess I'm not awesome like you :) Sorry ha! Hahaha!

Abbiekiss! Live here in MNL & be my movie date
I'd love to!!! :) Hai, Jaibaby!!

you are so pretty ms abbie! 

Aww!! Thank you so much!!! :) - Raina Hein from ANTM cycle 14 :D she has this strong eyebrows that made her the 1st runner up ;)

So awesome!! :) Hee! :D Thanks!

OMG WHO IS THAT? She looks like Kemp Muhl!!! GORGEY!!! And waaah! Haha! Thanks! :) That's Raina from ANTM cycle 14, first runner up

Ah yeah! Thanks! :) A friend of mine told me about her too! Hee! :3 She's gorge :)

im sorry for the "youre" its your.haha :))

Haha! Its okay! :) Yesterday I wrote "Its not your lost" to someone, and I sent another message saying I meant "loss", lol :)

Ms. Abbie. :) I've read a lot of negative comments about your "brow". I am glad you don't let them stop you from being experimental and fashionable. You're confidence makes you truly beautiful. Continue posting gorgeous photos Ms. Abbie.
You're too sweet :) :) :) Thank you so much! Yes, I really don't intend for them to change what I want to do. We should all be the same, as long as we're not hurting anyone and we're happy, other people should never take hold of your life :) /hugs/

I think you're all about the brows, BABY! Try to shave them a little bit/try not to put too much eyebrow makeup coz it's too thick for your face. I don't think it suits you. Sorry but that's just what I think...

OMG you should see them without the make-up, they're almost non-existent. Hahaha! :) As for the thickness, I respect your opinion, that's not gonna stop me though, heehee! :) But thanks :)

Awww. Bakit hindi nalang ikaw tumira dito sa pinas?

Marami kaseng responsibilities, pero malapit-lapit narin kaming mag-settle sa Pinas :)

hi napansin ko lang yung eyebrows nung may nagcritisize kasi it didnt bother me at all. Tinanong ko pa kapatid ko kung ano tingin niya sa eyebrows mo sabi niya 'anong meron diyan, wala namang kakaiba' kaya yun. Maganda kaya!
Talaga??? Salamat!!! :) Nakakatuwa naman, buti pa kayo hindi judgmental. Hehe. Sobrang naa-appreciate ko na pinarating mo rin sakin 'to, it makes me feel so much better!!! :) Thank you dahil sinabi mo rin na maganda!! Hee! :)

hi abbie.. i found it really hilarious that bcoz of ur brows pple kip bashing you.. f they dnt really wnt to look at it thn y wuld they waste their time n the first place?.. there are a lot of us hu appreciates everythng u hve done.cntinue inspiring us :)

Yeah, that's exactly my point too. I mean anyone who gets pissed and irritated at me has all the freedom to stop viewing my posts. Haaa! :3 And I know, which is why I feel so blessed because I have people like you who don't judge me in spite of the many faults I have done in the intarwebs. Srsly, thank you :)

funny how the girl insulting your brows disabled her account. Just keep blogging, abbie. its yours and it is personal so just go for it :)

I didn't mean for her to do that :/ But oh well. I love you Aves. Thank you so much :')

how are you? :)

Funny, its been quite awhile since I was last asked that with sincerity (d you think its weird that I know you're sincere? It really does feel that way) Hee :) Anyway - to be honest, I don't know. But God is definitely GOOD, all the time :) So... even if I'm not sure, I know that as long as God's there, its all good in the hood. Haaa! :)

You look beautiful with THICK or NOT brows.. :)) i love you ate abs.. i'll always admire you.. and ate, well lemme just say that people talks behind your back simply because you're infront of them :)) hihihi!

Srsly, thank you so much, sweetheart. I'm sorry about your sign, I have a lot of things on pending! :( I love you too sweetheart :) /hugs/ - Lookie! Reminded me of you teehee, check out the brows! Hotttt! :D

OMG WHO IS THAT? She looks like Kemp Muhl!!! GORGEY!!! And waaah! Haha! Thanks! :)

You look fine with those eyebrows. You still pretty. Maybe people just shock with the change. They'll get use to it, I'm sure. :)
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Ayeeeee! Haha! Thank you Belle!!! I wish I had the money right now to buy the right tools! Hahaha! But I'll keep practicing! :) Thank youuuu!!! :) Thanks again :)

If you're blogging for yourself and don't care what your readers think, then why don't you just keep it all in a private blog? Or a diary? If what you write only matters to you, then it's like you're beating the purpose of blogging, right?

Because I want to put it out there :) Because it may not matter to a lot, but who knows, it could matter to someone :) Even if its just one person - that's a lot to me. Whether or not its one of my rants or the superficial things :) A blog is SUPPOSED to be personal. That's the purpose of blogging - at least to me. I'm not calling out readers to read it and like it, and to be interested. View at your own risk. Its up to you if you want to continue reading it. Like I said, anyone has the freedom to stop reading/viewing my posts if they don't like what they see :) THIS IS FAAAAAAAAAAAAYN

Konti na lang, konting tolerance na lang from your (UGH?!) FANS?! ...Mape-perfect mo na. =)

Alin ang mape-perfect ko? :) Besides Kaye, I'm not really doing anything for anyone else. I'm really just doing things for myself, to make myself happy. And this is regardless of what other people think. Your opinions mean a lot to me, they really do - but that isn't supposed to change anything about who I am, and how I write, and what I share. I'm not stepping on anyone's toes or hurting anyone's feelings, so :) Its all good :)

...too long. cozzz i honestly think nobody cares. and its rather annoying. so what if you know something back when they're still a fetus? (EX MUSIC CLOTHES STYLE WHATEVER) :D anyway, i love the other things aside from these that i brought up, anyway. :)

I didn't really say I wanted to be like a Prada model or something :) And I don't really care that nobody cares, you know? I like sharing things like that, if people stopped reading my blog for that reason I wouldn't really mind because I'm not blogging for anyone else. I'm blogging because I want to. It shouldn't matter to anyone but myself. I don't know :) Thanks for being upfront though. I totally respect your opinion but I won't let it get in the way of who I am and what I want to do :) be OFF or whatever. you know? there are some things that don't fit you and maybe all you can do is just deal with it, honey. yes, you maybe a model but not a Prada model for Godsake. And please, don't always claim that you have known something for2

Answering on last part of your comment :)

hey abbie, a thought about your brows: THEY DON'T FIT YOU, really. And ohnoe, I am not a hater. not an jealous bitch, either. I actually like you. youre one of the coolest people i know in the internetland, it's just that sometimes, you have the tendency1

Answering on last part of your comment :)

maybe your so-called haters are just giving constructive criticisms? that you might be taking them so hard? if it's bothering some people, then there must be something off. just saying. anyway, just go on girl! you're gorgeous in every way!

I did say that to one of my friends, its constructive criticism - but that's not how they deliver it, its just how I take it :) I know they see something "off" about it but then just because some people think its ugly doesn't mean I should be affected by what they're saying. I'll just move on with what I want to do, besides, how will I ever learn without making a few boo-boos with how I do my make-up. I wish they could just chill, you know. Its my face anyway and they have all the freedom in the world to stop looking at my photos if it bothers them a lot. Thank you so much for the compliment, though! Thank you :)

Go Abbie! You rock those thick eyebrows and inggit lang sila because they cant!
Haaaa! :3 Thank you Chel! Anyone can do anything they please kase, if they want to do it, then why the hell not? Right? We don't have to live up to anyone's standards, as long as we're not stepping and hurting anyone, why bother what others think. Diba?? Hugging you now, Chel. Thank you! :)

nasa pinas ka ba?

Nope :(

Wag ka na punta MidEast.

I'm here already :)

How tall is Saab Magalona? How did you know each other?

The only time we both compared heights was in 2006, she was 5'3" and I was 5'2", I don't remember when I told her, but I did - that my height was 5'3" na which means she might have grown taller narin, haaa! :3 We go way back in 2005, we met when we were both finalists for Seventeen Magazine's Favorite Model Search :)

Oh Abbieroo.. it's hysterical that people are so concerned about your eyebrows. I say, rock them out! (And congrats for being a Missus! We need to catch up. It's been forever. I can't even remember if I congratulated you during your engagement!lol)

I know, right? Its crazy! Hahaha! :) Yes we do, my goodness do I miss you Joeyroo! :/ And you did, you did! I remember :) Please please, let's catch up soonie.

If you're not going to answer the "rude and sarcastic" comments sent here in your Formspring, how else will people know that you are just as conceited as everybody else? Are you fine with making them feel like people with unimportant points of view?

Question : Isn't it obvious enough through my entries that I'm conceited? I'm not ashamed of that. And second, since when did rude and sarcastic comments become "IMPORTANT" ? Are you suggesting na patulan ko 'yung mga ganung statements? Hahahaha! :) You're funny :)

Don't you think you're trying a bit too hard with those brows? You're not Camilla Belle nor any of those super models. Find someone who can fix it for you and save yourself from further embarassment. (:

Nope, I don't think I'm trying too hard with anything :) Its something I want to do and I did say in my post that I'm nothing like those girls, but why should that stop me? :) Who says I'm embarrassing myself? Who are you to say that anyway? :)

Ang dami ngang reaction nung thick brows mo ah. I super duper love thick brows. I had this event last year and I sported thick brows because I was seeing it a lot on TV (i.e. Mariel Rodriguez) and I thought it looked really nice. My mom was like, WHAT?

Hahaha! Nanibago lang 'yung Mom mo for sure! And good for you! Keep working those brows! Hee! :3

Hindi lang siguro bagay sa features mo ang ganun ka-strong na brows. I guess you can tone it down a little bit. Para hindi naman scary. Nonetheless, kudos for trying new things, as always. :)

There are so many things I've done that aren't really bagay with my frame or whatev, but I guess I'm that stubborn. Hee! But thank you so much!! And, NOTED :)

the glasses you usually wear.

The ones on my Blogspot header, I got on sale from this store... I forgot its name, lol. The second one I got are slightly smaller than my first pair, those I got from a stall in Market!Market! And the most recent one I just got from i2i in Market!Market! as well :)

bkt ka chinita? hehehe!! yeh! :D

Ay, magandang tanong 'yan, loko ka talaga! Hahaha! :)

Oh babe, there are so many negativity being smashed on you because of those eyebrows! Okay, they're unusual, but unusual IS beautiful. People just need to have the right eyes and an open mind to appreciate something like that. You are beautiful.

Thank you Jaibaby! I mean, honestly, they can't understand that I've just begun srsly doing my brows and I guess I'm allowed to make boo-boos sometimes, I mean, how else will I learn? Thank God for people like you and for friends who, instead of bashing me just give me tips :) Thanks Jaibaby, I'm not gonna stop doing what I want

Please leave the thick eyebrows to the pros. If you really want them lush, fill them in less drastically.

How will I ever learn to do them properly if you keep bashing me when I'm just a beginner? Everyone's got to start somewhere, I'll learn all the tricks along the way - how to shape them, and fill them correctly :) Let me make these mistakes. Its my face. If you have a problem with it, stop looking at my pictures :)

Contrary to what others are saying, I think your thick eyebrows are gorgeous. I read your post about that in your blogspot and I think your last photoset (after the runway girls) is just beautiful. -heaven-forbid

Wow, thank you so much! It means a lot because I get a lot of negative reactions, hahaha! :) It really does take practice and I hope people realize that, but then again I don't really need their approval, I just wished that they considered that fact first :) Thank you! :) is this good for outdoor, like if you're going to disneyland?

YES! :)

where'd you get your nerd glasses? are they graded?

They're not, I used to have graded glasses but I think my eyes are better now :) Which glasses are you asking about though? I currently have 3 :)

Do you like to shop?

I do, if you want to know how much, well... have you seen "Confessions of a Shopaholic", there you go. I am one of the many Philippine versions of Rebecca Bloomwood. I thank you /bow/ - which is also why I haven't gone to any mall recently and would just weep in bed after receiving several text and mail notifications from my favorite stores informing me that they're currently on sale :/ What's a girl to do? I still have debts to pay and there are far more important things to spend on :)

How often do you go online?

Like 24/7. LOL

Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend?

Yeah, I guess :) Pretty much. Haha, ang labo! Found this! Eyebrow printable stencils :)

THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME OUT instead of bombarding me with really sarcastic comments and statements on my brows. Seriously, why would I call myself a beginner if I knew all the tricks? :) Thank you so much, thank you :)

advice lang: go to a salon or any professional who will shape your eyebrow, so you will have a pattern.sorry, but your brows look funny esp. to those who don't know the story behind will look really good if it is "shaped" properly.

Where I live right now, only two things can happen if I go to a salon and have my brows done : it ends up to be super thin, or even more unshaped. Better to wait until I get home, and honestly, who the hell cares about what others think - its my face anyway, I don't really have to stick to what the others' standards are :p I'm a NEWBIE. I've said that a lot of times, I have to start somewhere :) I'm no pro so I want to learn how to do this on my own for now without going to the salon :)

parang di bagay sa mga chinitas ang thick and dark brows.but who knows?

True, who knows? :) Whoever said it wasn't bagay, right? Just because its unusual or "someone" says it isn't, doesn't mean its a standard we have to stick with :)

Having thick eyebrows is great but I guess you just have to find the proper shape for you cause the one that you have on right now is horrible and completely terrifying. Don't take this personally - I'm just saying.

Cut me some slack, I've already explained that I'm a n00b and currently working on doing it correctly :) Take it easy on the newbie, I'm no pro :) I hope you understand, so I guess its time you stop saying it was horrible and terrifying :) Thanks.

I'm the one who asked you about adding you as FB friend. S'kay, I feel you. No, hindi po e. I'm Kuya Lee and Kuya Bryan's churchmate, btw. I learned about you thru em po. Anyhoo, following your blog sites is nuff. They're truly worth the read. :)

Oh! :) Well why didn't you say that? Hee! :3 What's your name? You can send me a message in Facebook :) You're in Jeddah?

what's your height miss abie? :) u're still 24 diba?

The last time I checked, 5'3", who knows I could be 5'4" now! ... NOT. Haha!

And yup, I just turned 24 this year :)

funny cos I was about to express the same feeling regarding your eyebrows. I was about to post here in your formspring last night about how your eyebrows are scaring me off its really really scary indeed. But i still think you're pretty though.

Hahaha! :) Its okay, like I said, you're not the only one :p And thanks :)

You're still under Elan?

My contract supposedly ended in 2008 but Mika (now one of the co-owners of Elan) texts me sometimes if there are events and stuff. Once I finally settle in Manila, I'll renew my contract with them :) --< this dude, my contact too!! And don't listen to him cos you are pretty. 

Oh wow, thank you! :) Haha! I blocked him :) He's quite annoying, he used to chat with me in FB and I'm sure I'm not the only one he does that to. is this beanie from F21 in the Phils?

No, its from H&M here in the MidEast. I'm sorry, did I write that it was from Forever21? GAH, my mistake.

hi abbie! anong vital statistics mo?

32 - 25 - 31, I checked the other day :)

Hi ate! San mo pinaste yung code ng twitter profile widget?

You have to click on "ADD A GADGET" and choose "HTML" so you could paste the code :)

Ate Abbie! You're so pretty. I wish I have a sister like you:) 

Oh wow, that is so sweet!! :) Thank you!

do you know olivia lopez? is she really 17? is she pinay or half? thanks and love your blogspot! :D

I don't personally know her but I did 'interview' her by sending questionnaires through e-mail (hee) and yes, I think she is 17! :) I'm not sure if she's pure pinay or half. I look up to her so much! :) And thank you so so so much!

I really do love the way you process your photo. Mind if you share some tips on post processing the photos? Thanks :)

Sure! I'll do that on one of my entries, don't hold your breath okay? Hee! :3

Ate abie. Bat ganon? Naglagay ako ng twitter widget pero pag vinisit site ko e humhngi ng twitter username and pw. E pano yung mga walang twitr na vistor ko, di na nla mbabasa?:/

Mababasa parin 'yun, cos that happens to me too whenever I visit my old blogspot, and you don't necessarily have to enter your username+password :)

Vanessa Hudgens still hot. Let the haters hate! I love her still!
So true!! Haha!
Srsly Lovaar, that woman is amazing. I love her so much!

I just saw your blog today and I love it already! You're awesome! I hope you stay humble and stay strong :)

Wow! Thank you so much!! :) Thank you, thank you :)

hi ms. abbie! how often do you go shopping? i love your skull phone! i wish i could have a high pay job like yours :)

These days, not a lot. I have so many bills and (IOUs) to pay! Haha! Srsly, I stay away from malls now :/ Oh, you will! I'm blessed to have this job, really. Its not as high-paying as most people think but still :)

hi, what stores do you suggest for shopping? i'm into clothes but im not sure which stores provide nice clothes that are affordable.

Affordable clothes, well I heard Forever21 in the Philippines is really affordable, which is good cos they have trendy pieces (I personally love the accessories, its the only rack I hog in Forever21). If you're into thrift shopping then nothing beats that! :) Department stores are a good place to raid too!

Not really a question and please don't take offense but your strong eyebrows are scaring me. :[

Haha! :) Its okay, you're not the first one to say that, not a lot of people like thick, dark eyebrows but its something I'm really into now, and you'd have to pardon how I shape them sometimes though, my eyebrows are naturally shapeless and I'm a n00b in this department, hee! :3 I want Camilla Belle's brows :/

Hello, Ate Abbie. :) May I add you on Facebook? I'll wait for your reply.

Hi! :) Do we know each other personally though? :( I have another poser on Facebook, I've been told - so I can't really accept invites from people I don't personally know, I'm sorry! :( I would love to be your online buddy though, its just something I have to do :( I'm really saddened to be honest.

Vanessa Hudgens isn't even that voluptuous. Thanks for being 'progressive'.

Well you said it yourself, "isn't even that voluptuous". She still falls under that category. The woman does have curves and she's got really nice, full thighs. Just because she was my chosen preference doesn't change the fact that I still am full on supporting that the fashion industry is finally making way for meatier women. Should I have faked my statement and said I aspire to have Scarlett Johansson's body when achieving Vanessa's for me is challenging enough for my metabolism? You don't even know me and how much I support people who are on the 'meatier' side. Oh and, YOU'RE WELCOME :) Maybe now you can shut up? Thanks.