Grunge Nation

Who doesn't want to look clean and polished? For some reason I feel like its a challenge for me to do because I always end up looking gusgusin. I figured I should embrace that and live grungy forever.

I kid.

I find grunge sexy. These photos don't necessarily translate to "Grunge", but I'm working on my messy factor. I need more edge. But I'm sharing them with you anyway. I'm wearing this Tee I got from Topman again because I absolutely adore it that sometimes I even wear it to sleep.

Shining, Shimmering, Splendid?

I absolutely love Eminem and Rihanna's "I love the way you Lie", the video was off the charts awesome. I fell in love with Megan Fox all over again, because that's the look I want to achieve. Tan, wavy hair, and I'm good to go. Its why I used Benefit's "Jiffy Tan" for this shoot Drew and I did last week.

And well, because I was inspired by all these awesome Wildfox spreads, I asked my husband to give me some fang love. Definitely doing more of these.

All photos by Andrew Bautista, most of the processing done by me.


  1. Nice photos! I also find grunge and messy look sexy. I've tried them several times in my photoshoots and I love looking like a dirty hot mess for some time.

    Anyways, I also love that song. The video was so awesome and Megan Fox is burning hot! Hehe.

    Where'd you get those fangs? Wanted them for a long time!

  2. Oh and, thanks! It means a lot that you appreciate it :)

  3. Hi! :) I know, right? Grunge is awesome! Haha! :)

    And yeah, I mean we always find Eminem hot, but when I saw Megan again, I was like WAAAHHH! :)

    My husband just edited the photo, I don't have any faux fangs on, hee! :)