I cringe at the thought of 2003

When my friends George and Lance got me into blogging and I had no idea what the hell I was saying. And srsly? What's with all these dots, and talking gangsta? Oh goodness, the drama! Is this how 16 year-olds of this generation think? /hides/

Question is, has much changed? I'd like to think so. I mean, I do know what I'm talking about, and I'm still random but not as.

Check out the screencap (and cringe, like me.):

I think it was named "Sooo into" because I was literally into Tamia's song, "So into you".

If you didn't know, I began blogging in 2003. I was a college freshman and I had just come from a horrible break-up. I moved back to the Philippines after 5 years of studying in the Middle East, my parents were both abroad and I initially lived with my Cousins in Laguna before my parents decided it was best that I stay in a dormitory in-campus so I could avoid the traffic (I remember waking up at like 4:00 A.M. to get to my 7:00 A.M. classes and still getting really low grades because I was always late).

I can't believe that I usually didn't start my sentences with capital letters. I don't remember when I started to become so O.C. with how I typed, especially in blog entries.

But as hideous as my my past entries may be, I'm really glad I wrote them anyway. Its fun to look back and remember things. Most of the time, I'm like "Wo, that happened?" Such joy.

Reading past entries made me miss Ally McBeal. And Smallville. And my obsession since then with Sex and the City. And college. And how blind and innocent I was. Okay, not that. Not really.

This is also where I blogged about Andrew, and how I ended up having the biggest crush on someone I randomly saw at school (later, he turned out to be my best friend).

Originally my blog's URL was "Le Maquette", but for reasons I do not remember, I changed it to THIS. Well it shouldn't come as a surprise considering I was born cheesy (you know me, me and my love for all things cheesy). So, yeah. If you're bored and interested, feel free to enter "Cringedom" that is my blog.

How about you? Who introduced you to blogging, and when did you start?

P.S. Please excuse the words in French. It was when I was totally desperate to learn the language, which also explains all these bottles of Evian in my dorm room. Srsly. I'm still into French culture (pretty much French everything). Yes, I'm pretentious and I am not ashamed. Thank you.

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