Kat Dennings, where art thou?

I don't know if its cos I'm into Michael Cera all over again, or the fact that I listened to Vampire Weekend's "Ottoman" last night, but today, as I slump in front of my laptop, comfortably wiggling my ass in this office chair, I went to Kat Dennings' unverified Twitter page, on to her blog, on to her YouTube Channel.

I love this girl. She makes "weird" look "lovable". Wait, is that just me? You're a turd if you don't see it.

Kat Dennings is beautiful. I like that she's not the typical Hollywood star with perfect everything. She's really funny too. Who can't love a girl with substance?

Check out her videos. Apparently some of them were shot like four years ago:

And her blog. It's awesome.

It's been awhile since she last updated but her entries are too hilarious and interesting to pass up on. She inspires me to be myself all the same, with her weird and unique antics, and her style of writing.

Heard she's gonna be in the latest Thor movie. Can't wait to see that!

I think I'm on a Kat Dennings high. I'll probably get more of her movies in a few minutes. I miss seeing her face on 10.5 inches of screenspace on this laptop.

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  1. omg, and i thought i was the only one who loved kat dennings! she's also the ex-gf of matthew gray gubler who's like really cool as well, in an awkward kind of way. lol :))