A Must'stache

When you think "Mustache", who comes to mind? If you'd ask me, I'd have no idea. There is no particular person I imagine, just an image of the mustache. Twirly ones. For some reason, I've had this urge of doodling several mustaches on my photos since last week. I decided to finally put that to rest and get it over with. They are awesome, aren't they?

Anyway, since we're on it, I've never really liked facial hair on my man (except if you're Joe, then maybe yes. I guess he can even have back hair and I wouldn't give a rat's ass).

I decided to watermark the photos so my own sword won't be used against me, IYKWIM. Hee! I really like these photos. I still haven't worked on the latest photos we took, but I'm posting pretty recent ones. I'll do more but probably upload them on a separate post, or add them here.

Do I rock the mustache?

All photos taken by Andrew Bautista
Post-Processing by Me

Got the inspiration for this entry's title here. Ha!

Kate Moss for V Magazine, several years ago.
How awesome. How can she have facial hair and still rock it.

And of course, the greats.

'Ol Charlie Chaplin

My favorite artist/film maker, Salvador Dali
His mustache is a character in itself.
Hottie Tom Selleck

And of course, Brad Pitt
Sporting the Inglorious Basterd look.

I'd include Hitler, but...yeah. I'm definitely making one of those my primary photo one of these days.