A Nekkid Miranda Kerr in 3D

(Of course I'm not posting the nekkid photos here, but I did post one sweet photo that falls under the NSFW category for you. Enjoy!)

Methinks Christmas came early for the boys. Miranda Kerr graces the cover of Italian Vogue for September 2010, which supposedly comes with a pair of 3D glasses for your /coughviewingpleasurecough/ and presumably, the fashion spread "coming from the future" would give this justice.

Photographed by Steven Meisel, For Italian Vouge, September 2010

Its something the ladies would enjoy too. I mean, c'mon - you get to feast your eyes on Mrs. Orlando Bloom in all her nekkid glory. You can either love or hate the girl, and I don't blame you if you're in between, but I go for the former.

Oh, Miranda Kerr. Do I love to...care....for you.