Including photos I took awhile back. Thought I'd flood my blog with photobooth babies again. The only two places where you can see me take these shots are at work, and at home.

Yes, I do not have a life and I am not ashamed of it.
Oldest to Latest :

At work.

Finally got my laptop a decent sleeve, yay!

One of my favorite chunky-heeled shoes from Zara.

I just love dipping Doritos in Labaneh! OMNOMNOM

I gots colds. Boo.

I love this skull phone I got myself for my birthday.
Also, my tooth lamp! Hee!

Trying on the wig a month ago after Drew got it for me.

Munch Bakery's OREO cupcake. I die.

Got this from Topshop, and its three sizes bigger than my real foot size.
That's not gonna stop me from rocking it.

I love my Fringed Ugg Booties from Toppys.
Who cares if people think Uggs are Ugg-ly.
They're comfortable and I love them.

I am definitely addicted to Topman's Tees.

Mmmmmango Juice in the morning, yummy!

Gringo and I, nappy time!

Who says I'm too old for Hello Kitty?
I got this with Mama two years ago, she hated me cos it wasn't on sale.

Love this stuff.

Made my favorite photo of me and Mama my current desktop theme.
Oh and, yay for new monitor at work!

INNO for innocent.

Yay for Zara Military Inspired Blazer and the silver fringies.

Sleeping Boytoy

I wish it were mine. But its my boss's. Hmp.

When I started not to use foundation.
If I were closer to the camera, you'd see my imperfections!

Cleaned my keyboard and took out the keys one by one.
It was fun.

You can never have enough bubble wraps in your life.
True story.

After the Visual Kei inspired shoot with Drew.
It was his idea. He even did my eye make-up.


Before cooking dinner.

Got these clog-like boots from Roxy yesterday. Loving it!
Thanks to my Ninang for lending me the moolah. Hee!


  1. You're so gorgeous, Abbie!!! I love it when you curled your hair!

  2. haha yes! Pang MUA na pala si Drew!

  3. Hi Abbie..I just want to say that I've been a fan of your blog for as long as I can remember :) I keep coming back for the updates and also because you are such an inspiration!