(Strong) Brow Movement

You may not like them (or the hair between their eyes and scalp) but these women form my army, so watch out. They're awesome.

Frida Kahlo

Brooke Shields

Jennifer Connelly

Camilla Belle

Lourdes Ciccone Leon

Hannabeth Merjos

It was in early February when I started to pay attention to my eyebrows. I used to ignore them a lot, never even applied any form of make-up on it. Who cares when they're barely there? Back in High School (after I initially plucked them) and in my early years of college (where I got way too addicted on plucking them), I didn't even mind if I had those awful one-liner brows.

One of my previous default photos in Facebook

People in my Facebook network asked me if I did something to my brows, hee!

Here was how my brows naturally looked, and this was in High School :
(and yes I will regret sharing this with the intarwebs but why be
ashamed of how you looked like in high school?)

Nica, Leslie, Me and Camille
Circa 2001

My natural eyebrows were actually bushy, but it barely had any color (it was way too light, and I had thin brow hair, the worst combination), but there came a time when I got way too addicted to plucking them that I ended up with these brows (QUE HORROR!)

Me and my cousin Chiekks in Bora
Circa 2005

Me and Drew after Fashion Expo
Circa 2005

After uploading a couple of recent photos, I received these statements in my Formspring inbox. It was funny, and I felt quite bad at first but I honestly answered them anyways.

I don't expect everyone to appreciate or like (my) strong brows. And I was telling the truth about being a brow n00b. I'm sure not a lot of people like it, but that shouldn't really matter. And I know I may not look as amazing as these girls, but I honestly their brows are fabulous.

Girls of the Runway :
(mostly from Prada)

Also, I 'discovered' Bambi Northwood-Blyth while I was doing my 'research' on Strong Brows. She's gorgeous.

I have yet to master more brow tricks - showing my natural ones to the world doesn't really make me feel comfortable. Now I can get out of the house as confident as I can be as long as I have neat brows and lashes (it used to just be 'lashes', I can never leave the house without mascara on).

People have mixed reactions to this change, but really - if you're comfortable with it and you're confident enough to pull it off, regardless what people think (its scary, fugly, or doesn't suit you), who cares? My friend Izza told me (in relation to us liking bold, strong brows) : Those who matter don't care. I say "Hell yes".

To my girls out there who have naturally bushy, thick brows - and to the ones who work hard to achieve them, HOLLA!


  1. I like the first pic of you.. The one where you were wearing blue and grey stripes.. Nakuha mo yun tamang pag-arch ng brows.. Practice pa! ;)

  2. YAAAY! Thanks Hotney! That photo was taken today! Hee! :3 More practice, more fun! Lol, wish me luck! Thank you so much on tipping me to watch YT tutorials, those were fun too! Haaa! :3

  3. I have thick, bushy, unshaped eyebrows. When I was in high school, my cousins would always tell me that my eyebrows would look really good once shaped. I would never, ever want them to be thin.

    Ok naman 'yung pag-shape mo. It's just that it looks really scary because it's too... IDK, artificial (?). Try to make it thicker but less darker in color. I don't know if you've noticed, but Mariel Rodriguez's brows are nice. And also the Korean actresses, most of their brows are unshaped (without the curve) but they look really neat. Try to Google Shin Min Ah's brows and others too. :)

  4. I like your comment! :) Thanks for pointing that out, I'll try to work on that, its just that I feel like if they're thick, they should be dark. Haaaa! :) Thank you, thank you! :)

  5. yey for strong brows.. i love alexander wang ss10!!! sobra... check mo din dear

  6. Would love to have brows like yours! Mine is naturally thin and I hate it! I think it runs in my family. :(

    You're really pretty thin or thick brows! :)

  7. I don't think strong eyebrows are bad at all. I happen to have naturally strong brows so I don't really have to worry about filling them in.

    I think strong brows are beautiful so don't fret. XD I guess it's all about practicing on how to fill them in. Perhaps make them slightly thinner so it'll match your dainty features. :) But all else, you look stunning and you're pulling off the bold brows look very well so if you're scaring people off, points for being avant-garde. ;)

  8. And can I just add Gretchen Barretto to the list? Hehe! Anyway, bold brows don't look bad at all as long as they're neat. :)

  9. I don't think I'd be able to pull brows like that. I'm no Abbie after all. lol

    I remember asking you about your brows. haha. I don't think its scary. Just.. differend. :P I think your brows on the fourth to the last photo are perfect!

  10. These are the ones I was talking about. Thick (wide?) but not too dark. :)


  11. i personally like it, abbie :) i don't know why some people discriminate on your formspring. besides, if thats what you like why let others bother you right?:)

  12. Karl, hi sweetie! I checked them out and loved them too (made me wish my hair were longer cos I saw photos of the fishtail braids again, gaaah!) Thanks, love!!! /hugs/

    Camerashake, mine are light in color, thin and shapeless so I've resorted to drastic make-up application. Hahahaha! But I'm still learning, you could do the same!!! :) Thank you so much for the compliment, I'm kilig. Haaaa! :3

    Dominique, thank you so much for the tip! Its such a challenge! Hahaha! But srsly I'm having so much fun 'learning' and getting all these tips and stuff, and thank you for the compliment, I srsly died after reading it. Hee! Thank you again, thank you!! And I love your blog! Linking you now!

    Claud, OMG yeaaah!!! Gretchen! Haaa! :3 She's gorge. And yes, I agree!!!

    Ish, anyone can pull it off! I'm sure you can! Hee! :) Ikaw talaga! Nonononono, I knew you were just asking :) And thank you thank you!! I'm really trying to get it right. I guess its not that easy, obviously - you can tell too, right? Haaa!

    Anonymous, ooooh okay! Thank you!!! :) Will work on that, will work on that!

    Ava, THANK YOU SWEETHEART! :) And yes!! :)

  13. HELLO from the thick eyebrows department! ;)

  14. Hahaha! SAABY!! So nice to see you here! Lol! :) A lot of people are hating on my thick brows - I have yet a lot to LEARN! Haaa! :3 Hello from your feelingerang newest member!!! <3

  15. I read the anonymous comment about how you should try to make it thicker but less darker, and I agree. And I also agree about what she said about Mariel Rodriguez's brows.. OMG I dont like her but I loooooove her brows.. HAHA.. Pati yun kay Kim Chiu! (did I spell her name right? Lol)

    Anyways.. YouTube tutorials help a lot.. And if you're using a powder- it really makes a BIG difference if you're also using the RIGHT BRUSH. But if you're using pencil, always start shading at the pinaka arch of your brow.. Anyway, I'm sure that you already know most of this if you've been watching the tutorials.

    Here are some of the brow make-up I love and use :D
    -Smashbox Brow-Tech To Go
    -Inglot/MAC brow powder (choose a color that suits you)
    -The Body Shop Brow Pencil
    -The Body Shop Brow Gel

    Brow gels helps after you're done shading/shaping.. It keeps your brows in place/clean.

    I'm no brow expert either but I learned not to ignore it.. Even if you don't like experimenting with make-up and just wanna go for a natural look, clean and shaped brows really go a long way. :)

  16. So true! :) Several make-up artists told me that before but I didn't really pay my brows any attention :/ I'm currently using a brown brow gel from MAC, and I ran out of brow pencil. What I really wanna get is MAC's brow powder and brush! Its gonna take time though before I could get them, hee :) And I get so tempted to make them thick, and dark! Maybe its just a phase I'll outgrow and would decide to go for the thick, but light :)

    Another friend of mine suggested I try the brow kit by Bobbi Brown (haven't tried anything else aside from the lipgloss and it smells really really really good, omnomnom).

    Its so much fun to experiment all the same. Haaa! :3 Thanks for the tips, Hotney!! And Inglot has such yummy colors! It reminds me of Make Up Forever, though :)

  17. If you ever come and visit Manila again, you should make time to drop by Browhaus in Serendra.. I'm sure you'll find time since its really close to where you live.. :P They shape your brows according to the shape of your face.. It costs 580pesos to have it done, pricey I know but worth it!

    They have other types of services like Brow Resurrection- I think its like tattooing pero it looks very natural.. Like the tattoo really looks like real hair.. Its expensive of course.. Around 25k..

    Then they also have this cream/gel that costs 2500 and its supposed to make your brows grow (sa parts na mejo nakakalbo na).. Was supposed to try it but I didn't bring enough cash at the time. LOL.

    Anyway, its a really good place to have your brows done. Highly recommended!! I hate having my brows done in the Middle East.. Tama ka, masyado nila nininipisan!! :/

  18. PHP25,000!!! WHAAAT? But hey sounds like a good deal, pag-ipunan ko na? Haaaa! :3 The gel na tumutulong magpatubo ng hair, I like also :)

    I have no plans of having my brows done here, ferreal. Haha! :) Thanks for all the tips, Hotney. I can't wait to go there!! :D