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Religion. Its supposed to be simple if you ask me. But we seem to be complicating things. A lot. So much that sometimes we forget its very purpose : to unite us.

So maybe I don't even have to right to talk about Religion, because I barely even read my Bible and I've just started to commit myself to God's house. But my Mother raised me to have respect with how others establish their personal relationships with God. My Mother taught me a lot of things about respect. My Mother opened my mind to so many things in this world.

You could be part of your Church's Music Ministry, leading church members into singing praises for God, you could be a Sakristan in your local Parish, you could be praying 5 times a day, everyday, but at the end of the day none of these should matter if you don't have a relationship with God. You're this, you're that, but you end up doing things that go against your faith. Now what?

If you've successfully built this strong relationship with God, don't boast about it. Because you're just going to come off as self-righteous. If you want to spread His word, then spread it. Don't judge other people based on their beliefs. You're in no position to do that, because you're not God. And yes, He has given you a gift, and enough knowledge to know His words and live by them, but that STILL doesn't make you any better than the rest. I think we need to practice humility the most. Yes, it is good to acknowledge how one's faith is so strong, do so to inspire others. Inspire them to build their own relationship with God, in whatever way they can. If they are sincere about doing this, then I am sure that God will guide them in every way, so they can do things right. What is right? That's not for you to decide. Each person is entitled to choose how they want to praise God. And if you feel like they're being lead in the wrong direction, pray for them. If you feel like doing something about it, then be nice.

Nothing puts me off more than people with God complexes. If you're not going to say anything nice, especially in terms of other people's religions, then keep it to yourself. Pray for them if you want. But in my opinion, it would be best to focus on yourself, focus on how you can continue walking in God's allotted path for you. Focus on praying for people in your church, that you may all continue to grow stronger in Faith.

You can't judge a person solely because of their faith. Because if you do, does that mean that majority of the religions most commonly practiced by people teaches them to do wrong? The scriptures teach of the goodness that needs to be applied in our lives. But it still depends on the person on how they apply it. So I don't really see the logic there. Its something that I did at one point, but I realized that its wrong.

If someone does you wrong, stop blaming it on their religion/belief. There are so many factors affecting one's character, and its not JUST faith. Stop stereotyping. I hope we can all keep that in mind.

Remember that God calls His people in many different ways. Who are you to say its wrong? Also, never forget that cliché - when you point your finger at someone, know that there are three more pointing back at you.

Its as simple as that. God bless you.

To my relatives, who have been reminding me of the things I should keep doing, and not accusing me for not doing them (when in fact, I am but only God sees it), thank YOU. You have no idea how much that means to me. God surely gave you the knowledge to realize that only He knows how much I have been talking to Him, nobody else. Thank you for not judging me. I love you guys.

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  1. I respect your entry and thoughts on religion ate, abbie. we have no right to judge others. if God doesn't, who are we to judge, right?

    You were brought up well by your mom. I'm sure she's extremely proud of you. :)