Christine and Camille Luang's Inspiration Saturday

I feel honored to be in line with girls like Rumi Neely and Tin Iglesias in this feature. Its so overwhelming that these two awesome girls would consider me as an inspiration when they've inspired me to keep on blogging about Fashion because I had zero motivation. I guess I wasn't able to tell them that yet because I was shy (jeez). Shouldn't have waited until they gave me this opportunity or else it would sound like I'm just bumbum kissing, but really - you have to read their blog. They have such good taste and they've killer photos!

I edited this screencap, btw - but view the whole entry here!
Thank you Christine, Camille! You girls are awesome!

I just feel even more passionate to keep doing what I want to do, what I feel like doing because there are awesome girls out there, like my friend Elaine who featured me in Chalk (grab the September issue!) like Gen, like Christine and Camille who acknowledged their appreciation in what I do and what I'm passionate about, and who I really am, and believe me - with the many things I have gone through this year, this just means so much to me that it makes me want to cry. And I am not joking. So thank you, really. Thank you.

P.S. Super thanks to my dearest Aves who gave me a heads-up. I usually visit these girls' blogs but I was super busy working today and blogging and slacking all at the same time (just another typical day in the life of Abbie) but you must link these girls, they're amazing!


  1. Cool. I really love your second picture :)

    P.S, This is Marla from Please relink: :) Thank you.

  2. you are amazing! :)

  3. welcome, abs!:) you really deserve to be in line with them!:)

  4. This is awesome!


  5. Marla, thank you! :)

    Christine/Camille, you girls are awesome, I love you both! :)

    Naisa, thank you!!! <3

    Aves, that's really heartwarming, it makes me want to cry. Hahaha! But really, thank you <3

    Dylana, thank you! :)