Cockroaches, War and Bathroom Epiphanies.

Before I start, let me explain these points :

1.) I'm not sure why, but the heat has something to do with all these cockroaches appearing out of nowhere near me (at home, at work...seriously.) I honestly prefer them over what Kat Dennings would usually face (i.e., Spiders - the last encounter I had with one was back in College and I had no choice but to kill the poor thing, usually I don't kill Roaches either, I just sweep them out of my room).

2.) Our toothbrush holder broke, and I choose not to question who was responsible (okay I did, but I choose not to question the person responsible).

With that laid out for you, let me begin this really weird but maybe sensible entry, especially for the teenage girls reading my blog. Okay, not really. But yeah.

It was 9-ish, just this morning. I was doing my usual routine when I noticed that two cockroaches were still stuck, swapped on the bathroom wall. It must've been why I heard my Dad making swap sounds last night.

I think of pretty gross things (also pretty stupid) sometimes, so I had this thought that maybe I should leave them there for as long as I want to warn other cockroaches to never go near the sink and have so much fun walking on our toothbrushes' bristles because they could end up just like the flat cockroaches stuck on the wall.

And then for some reason I remember the war a few years back that caused some locals (of the country at war) to display foreign soldiers' carcasses, hanging them from stop light poles and other brutal things. And then it lead to me thinking, wondering how can one person do such to another.

When another person takes another's life into his own hands, he is not only killing one person, he's killing the rest of his family. Kill a soldier, you kill his Mother, his Father, his Wife, his Children, his Siblings. Its the same for killing a civilian. Its the same for everyone.

How can one person do these things to others? I wonder. I can never understand the depth of the reasons behind war.

Ugh, war.

Anyway, I went back to reality when I remembered that I had limited time to shower because I wanted to do my make-up at home (and not in the bus, as I usually do every single day to work). I hurriedly took my bottle of Virgin Olive Oil, rubbed it on my body, and spilled a few on the floor, they formed several circles and stayed that way as I sprayed them with water to the strainer.

And then I thought about the Oil Spill in the Gulf Area recently. But I was running late so I had to move on with rinsing.

Oh and by the way, from this day forward, I shall now be known as :

Abbie, the Ultimate Roach Swapper (... ?)

But oh, how I wish. It would be a less painful way for a cockroach (cos they die fast, well not really when you have to chase them around even after the first swap). But what about the fact that cockroaches are most likely survivors of nuclear wars?

I would like to boast though that I kill them better than my husband does. I really hate killing roaches because I always wonder what if I were one and had no idea that living in someone's house like that was bad that it would cost me my life. Boo.

And don't even get me started by saying "Are you stupid, don't you know that cockroaches don't have brains". Meh.